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“From farm to table”, Agricultural Technology Research Institute applies blockchain technology to agricultural Cold Chain transportation

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【Published by: commercial times | Editor: Zhang Bing Feng | Translator: Statecraft 】

On September 2nd, the Agricultural Technology Research Institute held a conference on the application of blockchain in food logistics. Through cold chain technology and cross-border agriculture, it connected Taiwan’s agricultural food blockchain and shared tutoring Taiwan logistics company to the blockchain. The technology is applied to the cold chain transportation service of agricultural products, and the achievements of the model of Taiwan’s agricultural food blockchain are established. The Agricultural Technology Research Institute pointed out that cold chain logistics is the last road to the farm to the table, and it is also the final link to protect the value of fruits and vegetables. It is often the case that agricultural products are depleted due to temperature changes during transportation, resulting in damage to the rights of farmers, logistics operators and even consumers.

The “Blockchain Application on Food Logistics conference” held by the Agricultural Technology Research Institute was successfully concluded on September 2. / photo: Agricultural Technology Research Institute

In recent years, consumers have become more and more concerned about food safety issues. In order to strengthen consumers’ trust in brands, large food companies have invested in funds to establish a “traceability” product management system. On the other hand, advances in food processing technology have made the “food history” more and more complicated, and the traditional traceability system has long been inadequate. The Agricultural Technology Research Institute’s Business Promotion Center this year undertook the National Development Council’s “Public Service Application Blockchain Technology Demonstration Project”, using the Central Region as a demonstration site for the Cold Chain Logistics Center, and assisting Taiwanese logistics companies in applying blockchain technology. In the cold chain transportation service of agricultural products; the demonstration project utilizes the blockchain — “the characteristics of protecting data from being tampered with”, and digital technology services instantly share the data on the production line to each supplier in the supply chain, and ensure the supplier There is a fair data platform between the logistics industry and the logistics industry. Once a dispute arises, the rights and responsibilities of both parties can be clarified to protect each other’s rights and interests. Ding Chuanxi, the associate researcher at the Business Promotion Center of the Agricultural Technology Research Institute, said, “The future application of blockchain technology can be extended to the production and sales resume system, but the premise requires suppliers to provide incentives. It is the most effective way that suppliers to directly request farmers to digitize production records.”

Zhou Zhi-Cheng, the chairman of RD & D Cold Logistics co., Ltd., who is involved in the project, shared a complete solution for cold chain logistics. “The logistics industry and customers each have their own information systems, but they do not necessarily believe each other’s information. Moreover, in the past, paper documents were used as shipping records. In the event of loss of goods due to temperature loss, both parties always spend a lot of time looking for information, not to mention the documents. RD & D Cold Logistics co., Ltd. builds its own refrigeration equipment and cooperates with Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. to develop a temperature and condition information tracking system to break through the traditional transportation industry with “complete solutions”. “The temperature information is not instantaneous, the temperature information is opaque, and the condition The industry bottleneck of incomplete information creates a win-win situation for both customers and logistics operators.

Chen Jian-Bin, dean of the Agricultural Technology Research Institute, said that the application of the blockchain technology to agricultural applications will help Taiwan’s food and logistics industry to ensure consumer food safety through a traceability system. In addition, it can also benefit agribusiness to conduct financial credit more efficiently.

Source: commercial times

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