General Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of China First Golden Ship Awards Ceremony ,Statecraft Tech which stood out from many companies, won the award.

Statecraft Tech
Jul 17, 2019 · 5 min read

Abstract | Statecraft Technology Co., Ltd. (Statecraft) was honored with the “2019 Ten trillion Innovation and Entrepreneurship Brand Golden Ship Award” organized by the Brand Innovation Brand Accelerator Center (BAC) of the General Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of China. Statecraft Tech stood out In the 100 brands of competition, became one of the top 10 winners, it was honored.

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The “2019 Ten trillion Innovation and Entrepreneurship Golden Ship Award” selection event organized by Brand Accelerator Center (hereinafter referred to as BAC) of General Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of China aims at the ten trillion exportable potential service industry brand in Taiwan. The first trillion: hand-cranked beverage industry, the second trillion: gold industry (green-gold: vegetables, gold: baking, black-gold: coffee), the third trillion: health medical care service industry, the forth trillion: innovative model agricultural industry, the fifth trillion: Cross-border e-commerce retail service chain industry, the sixth trillion: fashion humanities and catering industry, the seventh trillion: tourism and leisure industry, the eighth trillion: AI technology integrated application industry, the ninth trillion: financial technology service industry and the tenth trillion: service industry supply chain industry, selecting the Asian quality service industry brand to enter the accelerator, assisting the brand to connect with overseas distributors or agents, assisting the brand to obtain capital investment from the international capital market while developing the international market, and innovating to create a new model of BIT (Brand In Taiwan) export authorization.

Statecraft tech ceo Andrew Interview before the event, Image source:Statecraft
Statecraft tech ceo Andrew received interviews with many journalists before the event, Image source:Statecraft

After one year of primary selection, second selection, training and inspection, the TOP 10 winner was finally born. Statecraft was honored to win the award and stood out from the 100 brands. To this end, General Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of China BAC held the award ceremony for the first “Ten Trillion Innovative and Entrepreneurial Brand Golden Ship Award” at the International Convention Center of the National Taiwan University Hospital at 14 o’clock today (July 17).

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In the past year, the top ten Golden Ship Awards winners received a total of 190 million investment funds, 57.8 million licenses and 16 million borrowings. These award-winning brands with potential development and investment value of the service industry will accept media investment and authorized agency opportunities to implement industry interaction and business development.

Dai Zhongxing, Deputy Secretary general chamber of commerce of the R.O.C. and CEO of the Brand Innovation Accelerated Service Center (BAC), Image source:Statecraft

In addition to the congratulatory message from the Presidential Palace, the ceremony also invited Chen Mei-Zhen, the Minister of Taiwan national development council, General Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of China, to attend the award-winning brand. Then, General Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of China, Wang Jinping, Honorary Chairman, Xu Shubo, Vice Chairman, Legislator Ye Yijin, STUF United Fund Chairman Yang Bingcheng, General Manager of Taiwan SMEG Hong Suzhen and Department of Economic Development, Director of Taoyuan Guo Yuxin and other government and community leaders were also invited to attend the speech and congratulated the Taiwan brand Golden Ship Awards.

Minister, National Development Council (NDC)
Dr. Chen Mei-ling (first from left) and Chairman of the general chamber of commerce of the R.O.C., Lai Zhengyi (first from right), presented the award to Statecraft Tech, Image source:Statecraft
Wang Jinping, honorary chairman of the general chamber of commerce of the R.O.C., attended the speech, Image source:Statecraft

After the ceremony, the top ten winners of the brand “Golden Ship Awards” were arranged to conduct the Road Show, and the top ten investment groups and the General Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of China BAC international brand brokers were invited to act as the investor and authorized delegation. Brand operators, investors and authorized parties conduct direct communicate.

Statecraft Tech CEO Andrew conducts a 3-minute road show briefing, Image source:Statecraft

Finally, General Manager of the General Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of China, Xu Shubo, and General Manager of Taiwan SMEG Su Wenling issued certificates to the think tanks of the General Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of China BAC, international brand brokers and brand corporate members, with a view to creating export services. The industry has created an international ecosystem of ten trillion industries and completed the last road.

Brand Enterprise Charter BAC membership certificates (Statecraft Tech is left third), Image source:Statecraft

Statecraft is a team of Taiwan’s blockchain architecture technology R&D. We utilize the characteristics of blockchain, such as non-tamperable, open and transparent, and decentralized, and use professional technology to customize the applicable business models and solutions for each industry.

In this competition, Statecraft was led by Andrew Chin, the founder of the Technology Group of the Institute of Blockchain Application and Development of the National Chamber of Commerce, and became the eighth trillion in the training process and the performance of the investment. In addition to the existing service projects, the award-winning representatives are actively developing new products and innovative business models. It is expected that under the guidance and mediation of the follow-up National Commercial Association BAC, the brand will accelerate its expansion, link the world, and sail to overseas markets.

Andrew, Statecraft Tech CEO, is expected to let more people understand blockchain technology after participating in the Golden Ship Award. Image source:Statecraft

Source: BAC ,Ststecraft

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Statecraft Tech

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Statecraft Tech

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