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Nov 21, 2019 · 7 min read

Abstract | Our team-Statecraft Tech participated in the second “Smart Hometown-digital social innovation competition” organized by MediaTek Inc. After 9 months of enrollment, preliminary and finals, we stood out among the 392 teams and became one of the Potential award winners, it was honored.

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【Article source: The official website of the competition, CNEWS, Statecraft compilation】

Everyone should do something for their hometown, starting from the land under their feet to the world

MediaTek’s “Smart Hometown” digital social innovation competition has entered the second year. This year, we maintain a “the theme of a specific township”, and invite the public, students, community organizations, public departments and private enterprises to care for their hometown. With the focus on 368 towns and districts in Taiwan, I hope that the experience of innovation will be closer to life in the local area. The power of science and technology should benefit everyone. Even if it is a small township problem, if someone cares, there is a possibility of improvement. Starting with “Doing something for your hometown,” everyone can find a motivation to improve human life, benefit others and achieve Everyday Genius.

Official website:

Blockchain disaster prevention material resource management platform: Let the right materials be handed over to the right unit at the right time

Our team-Statecraft Tech, with members of the implementation of urban planning and disaster prevention implementation experience, and blockchain professional application technology, so the “Statecraft AID” team name to participate “Smart Hometown” digital social innovation competition, development a “Blockchain disaster prevention material resource management platform”.The main target is the schools that set up the evacuation shelters and contact the victims on the first timing of the disaster. We have the exclusive patented blockchain decentralized server is used to make data secure and secure. This platform provides its disaster prevention units can manage and recruit materials in peacetime, so that disaster prevention units and donors can accurately match and synchronize information between units and units. When disasters occur, they can use platform integration resources to assist units. The platform uses the blockchain technology and characteristics trace the source and awards the blockchain donation certificate to solve the problems of uneven resource allocation and lack of trust.

We chose to cooperate with Yutian Elementary School in Jiaoxi Township, Yilan County, Yilan County because it is not only an excellent school that promotes disaster prevention education programs for seven consecutive years but also a school that actively promotes campus disaster prevention education and has high mutual support with their community. It is hoped that through the “Blockchain disaster prevention material resource management platform”, to resolve the information asymmetry of the campus disaster prevention units and the number of disaster prevention materials should be insufficient before the disaster, people donated too much or unnecessary materials will cause waste. Let the right materials be handed over to the right unit at the right time.

Competition process

Before the finals, the teams were assisted by the mentor and MediaTek executives as consultants, and by sharing workshops, the expertise and experience were shared.

participated in the workshop |Source: MediaTek

During the competition, our team visited Yilan several times. In addition to Yutian Elementary, it also cooperated with 10 middle schools and primary schools in the “Yilan County Disaster Prevention Education Counseling Group” to provide their campus disaster relief inventory, data, as the real source of our team’s build platform Demo to link data and analyze data.

Our team has traveled to Yilan to interview the principals and community residents and holding a briefing |Source: Statecraft

At present, the prototype project has completed the prototype development and on-line testing of the mobile APP and has cooperated with many schools to promote it. If it can further integrate with the central and local disaster prevention system management units in the future, the development will have more potential.

Proposal APP schematic image |Source: Statecraft

Actual platform operation process video:

Source: Statecraft

Win the potential award — blockchain application potential unlimited

This year’s “Smart Hometown” digital social innovation competition has 392 teams with more than 1,400 players. After 9 months of enrollment, preliminary and finals, 20 finalists will be selected. The prizes include potential awards, special awards, superior awards and The first award which own NT$1 million. The organizer held an awards ceremony in conjunction with every team’s project display on November 20th and announced the final awards. Our team-Statecraft Tech was honored to be awarded the potential prize winner in this fierce competition. Through the opportunity and encouragement of MediaTek this competition, we can have more energy to give the award-winning plan the opportunity to practice and apply, truly let the information of the disaster prevention unit synchronize and transparent, accelerate the promotion of the regional joint prevention mechanism, and let the donors together become the hometown. Every inch of Taiwan’s soil, fulfilling its social responsibilities, mitigating the damage caused by disasters, preparing for the situation, so that you and I can do our best for this land, let the blockchain technology do more for the localities.

Final proposal day |Source: MediaTek
Proposal display | Source: Statecraft
Explain the proposal with Chairman Tsai Ming-Kai of MediaTek |Source: Statecraft

Entries exploring issues and reach areas are widely

This year’s “Smart Hometown” digital social innovation competition,the issues cover 167 townships and towns, including 21 counties and cities, the statistics have touched 65% of the townships and towns in Taiwan in the past two years. The theme of this year’s entries is around medical care, local reconstruction, emergency rescue and environmental protection. The industry includes agriculture, aquaculture, pig industry, clothing industry, regional craft culture and aboriginal ecological industry. Relevant social issues include low productivity caused by the aging population of agricultural/fishing villages, lack of public trust and community aging The issue of intergenerational education, the language barriers of new dwelling families and foreign migrant workers, and the issue of medical communication.

Event opening video clips:

Source: Statecraft
The second “Smart Hometown-digital social innovation competition” All team representatives and representatives of MediaTek take a group photo|Source: Statecraft

Tsai Ming-Kai, chairman of MediaTek, said that as a rural origin, he is very touched by solutions to solve the problems of agriculture and fisheries. This year’s participating teams also have many groups focusing on environmental protection and ecological education. “Smart Hometown” digital social innovation competition shows the team’s care for the hometown, as well as the value of technology — that is, see people, land and hope. Tsai Ming-Kai also said that from the finals, people from all walks of life used technology to solve problems in their hometowns. At the same time, they also saw the team integrate technology such as AI and IoT into the solution to find out the answer with an open mind.

Tsai Ming-Kai, chairman of MediaTek |Source: Statecraft

Dr. Wu Jing-Ji, the chief judge of The second Smart Hometown-digital social innovation competition, believes that this year’s team has faced many aspects, such as aging, declining birth, ecological environment, agricultural production, and disadvantaged groups. Although the topics of concern are different, they are concerned about the enthusiasm of their hometowns through unique technology creativity, presenting specific solutions that can be achieved by landing, and greatly narrowing the distance between technology and life.

Dr. Wu Jing-Ji, the chief judge of the second Smart Hometown-digital social innovation competition |Source: Statecraft

About Statecraft Tech

Statecraft Tech is a Taiwan blockchain architecture technology R&D team that utilizes the characteristics of blockchains that are not tamperable, open and transparent, and decentralized. It uses professional technology to customize and apply applicable business models and solutions for various industries.

Starting from customer demand and adaptability, create industrial innovation value. And has an exclusive patent-blockchain decentralized server, using the blockchain architecture to create a new generation of decentralized server system, making data more secure.

The second “Smart Hometown-digital social innovation competition” winners:

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