Faculty, staff and student organizations shape senior’s b-school experience

Marketing and business analytics senior Hannah Ehmcke looks back on her experience at the School of Business as she prepares to graduate.

Senior Hannah Ehmcke

Tell us how you ended up at the KU School of Business pursuing your majors.

I spent my senior year of high school working as a digital marketing intern with a real estate firm in my hometown. It was there that I fell in love with marketing, and adding a major in business analytics seemed like the perfect fit for my original goal of working on political campaigns.

What programs or groups are you involved in at the School of Business and at KU?

Within the School of Business, I have been extremely active in Alpha Kappa Psi professional fraternity, holding multiple executive positions over the years. I am also a co-founder of Net Impact, and an active member of the professional selling program, competing with our selling teams for the past few semesters. You can also find me working at the Business Career Services office and being a TA in Doug Clopton’s marketing courses.

As for outside of the School of Business, I have been very active in KU Student Senate, having been vice chair and chair of the finance committee, as well as a senator for the School of Business over the years. Past that, I am currently serving as the president of Mortar Board National Honor Society and attend events at the Dole Institute of Politics when I can. When volunteering, you can find me reading the UDK every Thursday at Audio-Reader.

What is one of your favorite memories from the School of Business?

I have been lucky enough to travel a lot on behalf of the School of Business, representing KU Alpha Kappa Psi at conferences in Las Vegas, Dallas, Chicago, and Indianapolis. I have also gotten to compete in selling competitions in New Orleans and at Indiana University and Illinois State University. When on campus, my favorite memories include celebrating birthdays at the BCS office, eating dinner with my Business Leadership Program (BLP) class at then program director John Hedeman’s house, and watching a (mostly cloudy) solar eclipse on the front lawn of Allen Fieldhouse with my friends in the business school.

Has anyone at the b-school been especially influential during your time here? In what way?

There have been so many! John Hedeman and Jen Harrison have always been so supportive of me throughout my time in the Business Honors and Business Leadership programs, always connecting me with the right people and helping me achieve my goals. Doug Clopton and Kristen Helling in the marketing program have entrusted me not only with teaching their students and representing the professional selling program but are consistently going above and beyond for their students and have never failed to make me laugh. Lastly, the fantastic women working in the Business Career Services office have not only helped me achieve my goals professionally, but have always been up for sharing baked goods and conversations about life. I do not know what I would have done without all of them!

What are your plans for the future?

After graduation, I will be starting my career in management consulting with Accenture. While COVID-19 has pushed my start date to the fall, I am still so excited to start!

What’s the one piece of advice you received in the b-school that you’ll take with you everywhere?

One of the best takeaways I have from my time in the b-school I learned from John Hedeman during the Business Leadership Program. I learned that leadership is not always about leading the conversation or serving on multiple executive boards of organizations, but simply using your strengths and experiences to make those around you better.

This spring has been challenging for all students, but we know it’s especially disappointing to seniors. Do you have a message for classmates, family or friends?

While this spring has not been what any of us expected, we wouldn’t be the class of 2020 without overcoming challenges and shattering expectations. This class was the first to enter Capitol Federal Hall as freshmen, has seen three different deans of the school, took on the business analytics major without knowing what to expect, and has seen countless beloved faculty retire over the years. However, despite these changes, we have still gone on to establish new organizations and programs, mentor each other and our younger peers, and achieve incredible accomplishments both at KU and nationally. I am so proud of what this class has accomplished and feel lucky to have earned my degrees alongside you all.

As for my personal experience, I could not have done it without a strong support system along the way. Thank you to my peers and mentors in the Business Leadership Program, the professors and faculty in the marketing program, the advisors and administrators at the Business Career Services office, and my family and friends for the roles they played in my successes at KU.

Once a Jayhawk, always as Jayhawk. Rock Chalk!



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