Grad combines her passions, finds her voice at KU

Get to know spring 2020 marketing and entrepreneurship graduate Ashley Frantz.

Ashley Frantz

Tell us how you ended up at the KU School of Business pursuing your major(s).

When I came to KU, I wanted a major that would combine creativity and numbers. I saw the passion both faculty and students had for the School of Business and found a way to combine both my passions through marketing and entrepreneurship.

What programs or groups are you involved in at the School of Business and at KU?

During my time at KU, I was a member of Tri Delta, where I held multiple positions including Panhellenic delegate, homecoming chair and president. I was also a part of the KU Sales Club, STUMO, and went on the 2019 Perspectives trip to Israel that was sponsored by KU Hillel.

What is one of your favorite memories from the School of Business?

Working at Business Career Services! I have seen first-hand how hard the staff in this office work to make sure Business Jayhawks are well equipped to enter the professional workplace. It also gave me the opportunity to meet with so many recruiters and learn about various companies I would have never known about.

Has anyone at the b-school been especially influential during your time here? In what way?

Jana Fitchett has had such an impact on my business school experience. I took MGMT 310 and ENTR 410 with her, which were two of my favorite classes I took at KU. She makes class so much fun and will always stop in the hallway to chat and ask how I am doing.

What are your plans for the future?

I will be moving to Minneapolis in August to work for Techtronic Industries as a field sales and marketing representative

What’s the one piece of advice you received in the b-school that you’ll take with you everywhere?

I was stopped in the hallway by one of my professors and asked why I did not speak up in class, as I had a lot to say in blog posts and writing assignments. I could not come up with a good reason and was told to speak my thoughts, as they may help others. I now try to participate in every class discussion, and will take with me the value of my thoughts and ideas. Speaking your thoughts is the best way to learn and can help others gain new perspectives in the process.



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