Student Spotlight: Bryce Beck

School of Business senior Bryce Beck

School of Business senior Bryce Beck is graduating this May with a major in marketing, a minor in management, and a certificate in professional selling. Beck has served as the president and VP of social media for the KU Marketing Club and was part of the first-placing winning team at 2021 KU Professional Selling Program/King’s Hawaiian Sales Competition.

What made you decide to pursue marketing and management?

For me, it all goes back to high school and participating in DECA. In my sophomore year, I took an entertainment marketing class and saw that I enjoyed using my creativity to solve complex business problems. In my junior year of high school, I began competing on the DECA team and qualified for nationals. This moment, along with winning state the following year, helped me realize that this was a path worth exploring.

Why did you pursue the Professional Selling certificate?

Sales is in my DNA. I grew up around the sales process and salespeople my entire life. My mom sold multi-million dollar medical hardware and my grandfather sold plastic bags for a living. It felt natural to explore what this certificate was all about. This program has been invaluable to my experience and puts the learning from my other classes into perspective. Everything starts with sales and having that competency gave me an added level of polish that I needed for my future.

What experiences in the Professional Selling Program have been the most valuable for you?

The most valuable part of my experience was serving as an ambassador for the program. Over this past year, I was able to network and rub elbows with incredible salespeople through the many events that the program hosted. This experience also gave me the ability to help grow the program and give back to the KU community.

How has your term as the president of the KU Marketing Club helped you grow as a student and a job candidate?

I have been involved with KU Marketing Club since my freshman year and have taken on many positions within the organization. This organization has been my community these four years. Often students think, “What will this do for my resume?” but by taking on the presidency, I wanted to rebuild a community that is so important to the social and professional lives of marketing Jayhawks. My time as president has taught me to take risks and think ahead about the club’s future and direction.

What was your experience like at the KU Professional Selling Program/King’s Hawaiian Sales Competition

The competition is one of my favorite moments at KU alongside winning the National Championship. As competitive as I am, it pushed me out of my comfort zone and put into practice all that I had learned during my time at KU. I met some of my very best friends and my mentor, and sharing that moment with them is something I cherish. We were given a case study about a grocery store chain that we needed to sell King’s Hawaiian rolls, buns, and hot dog buns to. We came up with an omni-channel marketing strategy and brought the whole idea and concept together. This was an incredible experience that made me a better salesperson and helped me learn the sales process at a deeper level. I highly recommend applying for the sales competition team!

What’s your biggest piece of advice for students pursuing a degree in marketing or sales?

Take risks. This might seem simple, but it’s true. Sometimes trying the hard thing results in your moment to throw your hands up in victory. This ability to step outside your comfort zone is your differentiator, so be brave.

Tell us about your post-grad job with Netsmart Technologies. What will be your role?

After graduation, I will begin my career at Netsmart Technologies as a Solution Delivery Analyst. In this role, I will work alongside other consultants to build and implement one of their electronic health record solutions for their behavioral health clients. I am excited to work directly with practitioners providing critical behavioral health services and making their jobs easier. I interned for them last summer and the people are truly special.

What has been your favorite experience in the School of Business?

The sales competition is one really strong memory, but I would have to say meeting my friends and great Jayhawks during my time. There is nothing quite like this community perched on top of the hill.

Anything else you’d like to add? Anyone you’d like to thank?

First, I want to thank my family and friends for their love and support along the way. I want to specifically thank Kristen Helling for guiding me and giving me the confidence to spread my wings. With her mentorship, I have been able to reach new heights. Finally, I want to thank all the rest of the people who have made these four years an amazing experience.

By Meaghan Boyd




Stories highlighting School of Business students graduating as part of the Class of 2022

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