Student Spotlight: Caroline Carr

School of Business senior Caroline Carr

Caroline Carr, a School of Business senior, is graduating this spring with majors in finance and management & leadership. During her time at KU, Carr was a member of the Business Honors Program and the University Honors Program, where she served as a seminar assistant. Carr has also worked as a teaching assistant for multiple management minor and major courses in addition to a leadership role in her sorority, Gamma Phi Beta.

How did you decide on your majors?

I chose to do both because I really enjoy numbers, but I also wanted to incorporate communication and management of people. I thought this was a great mix of majors, as it is not something that is very common. It has provided me with two complementary skill sets.

What was your experience like being a seminar assistant for the Honors Program? What class did you assist with and what did you learn?

​I had the pleasure of working with Yvonnes Chen as a seminar assistant for Mindfulness in the Modern World, which was a course about meditation. It was great to get to know incoming freshman students and share with them all the advice that I wish I would have known my freshman year. It was great to feel that I could help other students that are navigating their time at KU, even though most of the students had very different majors and interests. It taught me a lot about what KU has to offer.

How does being a TA enhance your understanding of the classes you teach?

Being a TA has given me a better understanding of our professors in the business school and how much they care and want students to succeed. It has made me more lenient towards students and their learning process. Also, many of the classes I TA for are ones that I did not take myself, so I have had great opportunities to learn more and see the common thread between classes in the management major.

Have the Business Honors Program and University Honors Program been valuable to you during your time as a student? Would you recommend it to other students?

​I would definitely suggest both the Business Honors Program and the University Honors Program to anyone and everyone! I have had an incredibly positive experience in both. My greatest takeaways were how attentive the staff and faculty are in both programs and how helpful the extra level of accountability and advising were during stressful times and major changes. It can make such a big university feel smaller when you need it! Also, I enjoyed being able to enroll early!

Tell us about your post-graduation plans at Lockton. What will your role be?

​I will be joining Lockton in June in the Kansas City, Missouri, office as an associate account manager on the Private Equity team. There will be about 20 other May graduates joining at the same time to go through the training program, so I’m really looking forward to it!

How did you go about getting your job at Lockton? Any advice for other students looking at the company?

​I went to the career fair early this school year and talked with the Lockton representative there that connected me with their HR team. I also utilized my personal network to find additional contacts that could share more with me about Lockton and how to get my foot in the door. I would recommend that anyone looking at this company reach out to me and utilize the LinkedIn KU alumni search to get in connection with as many people as you can that work there to show your interest!

What has been your favorite part of the School of Business?

​I love all the resources the business school has for advising and career services. I had multiple advising appointments per year to make sure I was on track. The faculty is so responsive and organized. I also spent a lot of time in Career Services with Jennifer Jordan (she’s amazing) who helped me navigate every step of my job search!

Anything else you’d like to add or anyone you’d like to thank?

​I would like to thank Jennifer Jordan for all of her help during my senior year! I would not have found my dream job without her!

By Meaghan Boyd



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