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The value of service

School of Business students gain experience and a new appreciation for how business skills can be used to help their communities through service learning courses

Students in associate professor Jessica Li’s class created marketing materials to encourage recurring donations to Just Food. Students also volunteered at the Kansas Food Truck Festival, a fundraiser for the local food bank.

“The goal is for them to learn about different forms of communication and be able to apply their knowledge about marketing and what mediums to use for their target market in a very practical way,” Li said.

Students take the lead

A few of the organizations students have worked with in lecturer Ken Ward’s Management and Leadership: Organizational Behavior honors course.

“It’s messy,” he said. “Mistakes are expected and welcomed.”

The student experience

Getahun and his partner visited Just Food’s distribution space and talked with staff to better gauge their needs.

“The thing is, we never know where our career trajectory might take us,” said Linda Dixon, director of the Center for Service Learning. “We don’t know what a given interviewer values and what connection they might have with volunteering, or if an amazing job will come up that happens to be for a nonprofit or a startup that tackles a social issue. The certificate is a recognition that might help students stand out.”

“If we want our students to go on to be board members of nonprofits and things like that, they can add real value. All of those organizations need accounting and finance and marketing people and operations people,” Tritch said. “It’s using your talents and your abilities to help an organization, whatever those might be.”



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