Rebecca Higgins
Jan 15, 2018 · 3 min read

Some Context

Kuali Ready is a cloud-hosted business continuity planning tool for institutes of higher education. We are looking to increase the scope of our product offering to include exercising of continuity plans.

We currently excel in #3, but wish to grow into #4.

The Team

Dan Vineyard (UX), Becky Higgins (PM), JD Skinner (Eng)

The Opportunity

We wanted to learn how our users were already exercising their business continuity plans created in Kuali Ready. We knew that our users completed this process outside of our tool and we wanted to see if we could incorporate their efforts into our tool to increase efficiency and reporting capabilities; moving towards a one-stop-shop for all things BCP.


We interviewed current Ready users to learn how they were exercising plans thus far. Based on our interviews, we noted some themes:

  • everyone does this differently → we wouldn’t be determining HOW anyone should do this in our product
  • everyone has a responsibility to track and report their progress → we could use metrics and reports to help users do this work
  • everyone wants plans in Ready to be updated after the exercise was completed → we needed a way to know if the users completed this feedback loop

Problem Statement

After doing our customer interviews, we wanted to solve this problem:

How can we help users track plans that are exercised and report that to their managers?

Defining a Solution

Our team used The Value Proposition Design methodology from to understand our customers’ needs and to clearly define the value our product could offer.

Our team completed the canvas in a few hours and here is what we came up with:

Our completed value proposition canvas.

Designing a Solution

Next we did some white-boarding to identify possible design solutions. Here is a grouping of ideas we initially considered.

A bunch of ideas

Then we took the ideas and combined them into one workflow as shown from the user’s perspective.

Our first stab at a design that could meet the user’s needs.

What’s Next?

We have a first draft of a design for customer preference testing with users in the weeks to come.

Kuali Ready

Business continuity planning solution built by higher education for higher education.

Rebecca Higgins

Written by

Kuali Ready

Business continuity planning solution built by higher education for higher education.

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