Hello Monokle!

Ole Lensmar


Ever since I started working with k8s I’ve been struggling with deployment artefacts; manifests, kustomize, helm-charts, yaml-syntax, you name it. Tools for inspecting and understanding objects in a cluster are good and plenty — but integrated tooling for pre-deployment tasks related to creating, editing, validating and debugging aforementioned manifests is scarce; your favourite code editor will have some support, either natively or via plugins (which probably don’t work well together), and who doesn’t love another cli (I don’t), so wouldn’t it be nice if there was one tool — a “Manifest IDE”- that helps you with all these tasks in a well integrated and consistent way? That ties in with your existing workflows? Talks to your clusters? Is open-source? Has developers aching to hear your complaints and feature-requests?

(you can probably guess where this is going…)

It shouldn’t come a shock then that tackling this problem was one of the first journeys we embarked on at Kubeshop, and today we’re both proud and excited (and somewhat anxious) to announce…

Monokle — your new K8s best friend! Tada!

(cake and bubbly drink)

Want to get a quick overview of all resources defined in your manifests and see how they relate to each other? And what was the name of that yaml property in a Service or Deployment? Oh you don’t love yaml and would prefer a form editor? And wouldn’t it be nice to be able to dry-run kustomize files or Helm charts and view their generated resources and relationships in a user-friendly way? Did I hear “diffing those resources against my cluster would be helpful”? (maybe not..).

All this (and a little more) is on the Monokle 1.0 feature list, and to give you a quick glimpse here’s a short (promise!) video that walks you through it all.

Monokle is of course still in its open-source infancy; there are so many directions it could take, problems to solve, users to make happy! Ultimately though it’s about making life easier for developers building for, and deploying to k8s, and if that’s something you’re struggling with please give Monokle a try (download or build from GitHub) — and let us know what we can do to make you a happier k8s developer.

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