Monokle 1.2.0 is out

Ole Lensmar


Another Monokle release fresh out of the Kubeshop bakery, packed with a bunch of improvements:

Signed installers and auto-update

Finally — signed/notarized installers for both MacOS and Windows, which also allowed us to add auto-update functionality (thanks to the fantastic electron-builder project). Monokle will now check for new versions on startup and notify accordingly, or you can check/install manually via the new System Menu:

System Menu and Recent Folders

We’ve added system menu with standard File/Edit/View/Window/Help items — and a Recent Folders menu making it easy to switch between your favourite resource-manifest folders:

Multiple Project Windows

You can now launch multiple project windows using the “New Monokle Window” menu item in the File menu, allowing you to work on multiple clusters/folders simultaneously:

Improved link detection, visualisation and navigation

The underlying algorithms for detecting links between resources have been improved as follows:

  • links to patches in kustomization.yaml files are shown correctly and link to the corresponding file:

If the link is to a non-existing file an error while be shown:

  • multiple links to same resource are now highlighted correctly:
  • invalid links can now be clicked to navigate to the corresponding manifest content, which will scroll to and highlight the resources in the editor, showing you exactly where that link lives:
clicking an invalid secretName opens the containing resource and scrolls to the link in the editor

Expand / Collapse Sections

It is now possible to collapse and expand individual or all sections in the resource navigator:

Rename Resource

It is now possible to rename resources and ask Monokle to update all corresponding references to that resource, ensuring that link integrity is maintained:

Clone Resource

An action to clone a resource has been added (see screenshot above) that prompts to create a new resource using the selected one as a template.

Delete Resource

An action to delete a resource has been added — when in cluster mode this will delete the resource from the actual cluster.

New Resource from Template

When adding a new resource it is now possible to select an existing resource as template (the list of existing resources to choose will only contain resources of the selected kind)

Saving of UI state

Monokle now remembers the resize state of the explorer/navigator columns between restarts and there is an option in the settings panel to automatically reload the last loaded project when starting:

Bug-fixes, bug-fixes…

And of course a bunch of bug-fixes and internal improvements in regard to performance and stability.

As always we’re eager to get your feedback on how Monokle can be further improved to help with your k8s development workflows — please get in touch!

Thanks for reading!