Reviewing Zeux ICO: Multi-functional Finance App Supported by Hashgraph

In the current era of cryptocurrency and smartphone apps advancement, it is not appropriate anymore if banking services still use the same old conventional technology. Today, everyone needs a sophisticated application on their smartphone to instantly and cheaply transferring funds (send and receive funds), paying bills, and investing in various investment instruments. Zeux Ltd. then creates the Zeux app along with the ZeuxCoin (ZUC) utility token to integrate all financial functions in the smartphone. I think this project has a bright future because of the Zeux partnership with the Hedera Hashgraph. Hence, I will explain this important partnership in the next section of this article.

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Business Model

Zeux gets its revenue from the fees of using the Zeux platform and is paid through the use of ZeuxCoin tokens. These fees are taken from the four financial functions, as follows:

  • Virtual card (NFC) payment;
  • Purchasing (and listing) investment products;
  • KYC Services; and
  • Fund transfer (and top-up).

Currently, Zeux has many competitors that offer similar functions (crypto bank-like apps), such as Crypterium, Amon, OTPPay, etc. However, the big market-size in this sector enables new market participants to enter and compete in the market. Nevertheless, Zeux has its unique features. One of the Zeux’s advantages compared to its competitors is the built-in investment functionality. With this feature, Zeux users can easily buy both secured conventional investment products and crypto-based investment products (which are compliant with the Financial Conduct Authority, FCA). This concept also allows crypto-based mutual funds traded on this application. This built-in investment functionality is possible because Zeux supports the Revised Payment Service Directive (PSD2) so that users only need to do a one-time identity verification process (KYC) to be able to access all investment products. Users do not have to worry about their data security since Zeux platform will secure users’ KYC data and only use it with their consent.

ZeuxCoin (ZUC) Design

The ZUC token is a utility token. Users use this token to pay transaction fees in the Zeux’s ecosystem. In addition to payment function and access to investment products as previously explained, This token is also used to obtain various discounts and loyalty program rewards. If a user does not have a sufficient amount of ZUC tokens to pay the transaction fee, he can use the balance of another currency that is first converted into ZUC by the system. Thus, the more ZUC tokens he owns, the more discounts he will receive.

  • Total supply: 750 million ZUC (300 million available at token sale).
  • Token price: 1 ETH = 5,000 ZUC.
  • The team will burn all unsold tokens.

Marketing Strategy

To raise the funds, Zeux organizes pitching presentations at various conferences to attract private investors. It also carries out an ICO to get funds from public sales. Afterward, to acquire users, Zeux also holds a bounty campaign program. This kind of program is proven to rapidly increasing user base.

The prospect of this project looks more brilliant as the announcement of a collaboration between Zeux with Hedera Hashgraph.

Collaboration with Hedera Hashgraph

Hedera Hashgraph is predicted to be the third generation of the blockchain technology because it can process hundreds of thousands of transactions per second and can also run smart contracts using Solidity Language (just like Ethereum). By partnering with Hedera Hashgraph, Zeux will be able to trade HBAR coins along with dApps tokens that use Hashgraph network. You can imagine that Zeux will be like the Hashgraph version of KuCoin or Latoken platform. This partnership will rapidly increase the number of Zeux users since we know that the Hashgraph community is rather large.

Zeux at PayExpo, London, October 9 & 10, 2018:

Zeux at BlockchainLive, September 26, 2018:

Zeux Team

What I like about the Zeux team is the combination of different generations that appears from young CEO and young CTO, while the CFO is more experienced. I think this is the correct approach because experts in the finance major should have broad knowledge about the finance world and also have extensive experience. Moreover, the CEO, namely Frank Jiayi Zhou is a highly intelligent person. He graduated from Oxford and recorded as a gold medal winner in physics and a member of the British Mensa. From my research of their curriculum vitae, it seems that Zeux team is consist of quality members that surely capable of building this platform. Of course, their identity is genuine, which confirmed from the following video:

Investment Feasibility

Although Zeux has many competitors, I see that this project is one of the platforms that can survive and compete for success. I base this statement from:

  • Competent team members;
  • Partnership with Hedera Hashgraph; and
  • Good corporate governance and public communication.

And finally, I conclude this ICO is NOT a scam, because:

  • The company (Zeux Ltd.) has been established and registered in the United Kingdom;
  • The business model that is realistic and easy to understand;
  • The identity of team members is authentic. There are youtube videos that prove this; and
  • The team actively participates in various conferences.

The above facts show that this ZUC token is worth to be collected and is pretty unlikely that this is a scam project. But it does not mean that investing in this token will be risk-free because there are many competitors in this financial platform business (though not 100% same).

Disclaimer: I am neither a blockchain programmer nor an investment consultant. I neither advise nor responsible for the profits or losses of this ICO investment. This article is only information, not investment advice.

Author: mu_enrico
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