Free 90-day access to Major Tom to operate your mission while remote

Marshall Culpepper
Mar 24, 2020 · 3 min read

Relief for Satellite Operators Affected by COVID-19 Offered at No Cost

We’re announcing today that we will extend free 90-day Major Tom accounts to any satellite builders and operators affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Major Tom allows satellite builders and operators to make the switch to remote integration, test and operations and relieve some pressure from swamped IT departments by moving satellite operations to the cloud and away from local intranets and VPN.

For commercial and government missions, sign up today:

In addition, Kubos will continue to offer Major Tom for free to universities with our academic access pass:

Satellites are crucial to the backbone of the economy, the government and to first responders. Maintaining business and government continuity means maintaining their software and operations in orbit. However, not all control rooms have fully evolved from the Apollo-era definition. The phrase “mission control” conjures up images of a crowded control room — without the social distancing currently required in multiple nations around the world. Many programs still rely on satellite operations that are not cloud-based. That either leaves operations workers or downstream users at risk or takes massive amounts of time from IT to make sure mission-critical work can happen over complex networking setups.

Collaborate remotely with other operators on your team with Major Tom and Zoom

Times like these give companies like ours a chance to help, in our own small way. Kubos was built from day 1 as a 100% remote company with systems designed to support secure, remote work. We realize that this is a shift for much of the aerospace industry, but the ability to remotely continue business as usual has quickly become a necessity.

In addition to the medical responders, IT teams across the world are some of the unsung heroes of this pandemic. They’ve been able to get the workforce mobile in a very short amount of time. We stand ready to support them in getting their operations teams to the cloud.

With current technology, there’s no technical reason to require operators to be within visual range of a satellite dish, or even in the same time zone. Cloud-based operation tools like Major Tom, which have been built from scratch to be run remotely, have shown to be incredibly resilient and secure.

This is a very difficult time for much of the world. We have narrowed our focus to help as much of the industry as possible and this offer is the best way to accomplish that.


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