Kubos 1.0 Alpha!


There’s no challenge in embedded satellite systems that can’t be solved with sufficient amounts of coffee and bar b que.

For some values of “sufficient”.

We’ve been working on this release for a while, and frankly we’re pretty excited about it. Kubos 1.0 marches towards completion and with today’s release we’ve moved the needle on multiple fronts.

First: tooling!

It doesn’t matter how good your library’s APIs are if developing against them is so painful that it makes you want to put sauce on your brisket. No one wants that. So here at Kubos we’ve always considered developer tools to be a first-class citizen, and with this release we’ve improved the structure of our command line functionality, making it simpler for us to release quickly and confidently, and easier to use on a wide variety of host OSes. Check out the new installation docs to get started, and the updated command line reference for further info.

And now a word about telemetry.

At the heart of the Kubos SDK is the ability for systems to subscribe to and send messages to each other. On a satellite the primary application of this publish/subscribe architecture is telemetry: sensor and other processor or payload data. We’ve built out the core platform for this pub/sub system that will allow developers using the Kubos SDK to configure their application to support any number of systems to send and respond to these messages.

All of this was made possible by the hard work of our incredibly talented developers, fueled in no small part by Seven Mile, West Oak, and the occasional excursion to various meat proprietors.

Check out the full changelog, feel free to hop on our OpenKosmos slack channel and talk with one of our engineers, or better yet open up a pull request!

EDIT: I also want specifically to call out the group’s awesome work integrating our previous release, which got our Linux distribution up and running, with the new additions to the Kubos SDK.