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Guide for Trading COTI-90D in the Liquidity Trading Market

If users who participated in the first round of COTI-90D also want to participate in the second round of COTI-90D starting at 20:00:00 on July 24, 2020 (UTC+8), they can trade in the Liquidity Trading Market.

Instead of waiting for redemption, users can trade their staked assets in the liquidity trading market. Click the “Exchange” button at the top of the page to enter the Liquidity Trading Market and choose the trade product COTI-90D.

For example, if Snape wants to sell his staked COTI-90D, he can select “Sell COTI-90D” (as seen in the image below) and click “Sell” on the right side of the order according to the different prices in the order book.

“I will Pay” means that the user needs to pay POL to complete the transaction; “I will Charge” means that the user will receive POL after completing the transaction.

The sell page will pop up on the right side of the screen. Enter the quantity and trading password, then click “Place Order”.

Notice: Trading fee: 5%. Since Snape needs to use POL to trade, his account should have enough POL to make the deal.

If there is no price that meets Snape’s expectations, he can click “Post Offer” to place an order.

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