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KuChain Community Announcement — Ti-Labs and HBTC Chain Established a Strategic Partnership

Ti-Labs and HBTC Chain established a strategic partnership to jointly promote the Cosmos ecosystem development!

Dear KuChain Community,

KuChain Community officially announce that HBTC Chain and Ti-Labs established a strategic partnership and joined the Ti-Labs ecological co-construction. HBTC Chain will work with KuChain and IRISnet to jointly promote the development of the Cosmos ecosystem!

This cooperation will promote the aspects of resource sharing, technology exchange, project incubation, blockchain application and industrialization development between Ti-Labs and all its members including KuChain, IRISnet and HBTC Chain. We will jointly promote the development of the Cosmos ecosystem and also promote more progress in the entire industry!

The addition of HBTC Chain will give Ti-Labs’ projects greater technical support in terms of cross-chain asset transfer, on-chain stablecoins, DEX, user applications and developer tools. Through the cooperation between technical consultants and Labs, Ti-Labs will help the projects overcome technical difficulties and achieve better development.

As the initiator of Ti-Labs, KuChain welcomes all teams that are devoted to promoting the Cosmos ecosystem to join Ti-Labs’ development, to boost the development and applications of the interchain ecosystem.

KuChain Community

⭐About Ti-Labs⭐

“Ti-Labs” is a laboratory jointly initiated by KuChain and IRISnet, which will fully mobilize the think tank resources behind different projects to provide assistance and support in the aspects of conceptual inspiration, technical support, and resource promotion for the future development of the entire Cosmos ecosystem.

“Ti-Labs”’s name is inspired by “titanium”, the indispensable material in building rocket ships among other spacecraft. The Labs will not just hold regular meetings for information sharing and integration between the tech teams in regard to the development progress across various verticals in the Cosmos ecosystem, but will also bring forward-looking insights that shall shed light on future development directions.

⭐About KuChain⭐

Built on Cosmos-SDK, KuChain aims to better serve an array of DeFi applications by innovative functionalities and modules including multi-asset, account ID system and auth tree. Contributing its born-with resources from KuCoin Exchange to the Cosmos ecosystem, together with the unique and native Liquidity Sharing Protocol (LSP), KuChain is able to respond to trading queries with high concurrency and frequency. Via its creative on-chain developing incentives, KuChain encourages developers to implement hard-core tech innovation on a long-term horizon. Elsewhere, via initiating Ti-Labs and by the means of IBC and Peggy protocols, KuChain targets to strengthen the Cosmos dev-community and ultimately to complete the Cosmos DeFi application layer.

⭐About IRISnet⭐

IRISnet (a.k.a IRIS Hub) is an Interchain Service Hub designed to support the next generation of distributed applications. Built with Cosmos-SDK, IRIS Hub enables cross-chain interoperability through a unified service model, which supports not only token interchain transfer but also trustworthy data consumption and computation invocation across heterogeneous systems. IRIS Hub is the first self evolutionary blockchain launched in the Cosmos ecosystem.

IRISnet dev teams include Bianjie, a national award-winning blockchain technology team based in Shanghai, and Tendermint, the world-famous team that created the Tendermint consensus engine and the Cosmos proje

⭐About HBTC Chain⭐

HBTC Chain, positioned as a “heterogeneous cross-chain DeFi public chain”, is an important part of the decentralized financial layout of Binhe Group at the beginning of its establishment in 2018, and is also one of the three core businesses of Bluehelix Group (HBTC Exchange, HBTC Chain, Bluehelix ). The main functions and application scenarios include cross-chain asset bridge, OpenDex protocol, and OTC solutions for on-chain assets. The testnet of HBTC Chain has been successfully launched on October 20, 2020 and is running smoothly, and the mainnet will be launched soon.


KuChain emphasizes the core value of community first, aiming at a prosperous ecosystem jointly contributed, and the path of which will be collectively decided by the whole community. Come and join us at:

GitHub: https://github.com/KuChainNetwork

Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/2tWtHDm

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Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/kuchainofficial

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/KuChainOfficial



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