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KuChain Community Announcement

Dear KuChain Community,

Updating about Kratos validating node issues from KIT (KuChain Iteration Team — KuChain): KIT has fixed the chain’s problem and now all the Kratos validators have upgraded to v0.5.4. Since some nodes are still jailed by now, only seven validator nodes could participate in the consensus in Kratos network. These nodes will enter the normal block packaging state after Tendermint’s consensus module completes the synchronized Round. KIT will continue to monitor the status of node consensus synchronization, and will update the details after ensuring the stability of the Kratos network.

KuChain community will continue to update the related review progresses and solutions. Thanks for your understanding and patient waiting.

KuChain Team


KuChain emphasizes the core value of community first, aiming at a prosperous ecosystem jointly contributed, and the path of which will be collectively decided by the whole community. Come and join us at:

GitHub: https://github.com/KuChainNetwork

Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/2tWtHDm

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