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KuChain Weekly Report #6

Dear KuChain Community,

Hope you all are safe and healthy. We understand that some of you might be suffering from the tough situation across almost every industry worldwide — Bloomberg analysis read over 20 million job cut in April in the United States, which took the unemployment rate to as high as 14.7%. But, let’s do not give up faith and join us to dream of a decentralized world less dependent on real economy. Please check our development progress this week.

1.Basic Logic And Design

- Implementing txutil package of KuChain, encapsulated submiting transaction interface based on the signature function supported by cosmos-sdk auth module;

- Improving the documentation of each module;

2.Account Module

- AccountID type supports more APIs to reduce code redundancy;

- Refactored account module, indexing account messages based on AccountID;

3.Asset Module

- Implementing cosmos-sdk bank interface to adapt to other modules;

- Implementing Delegate-Assert related interface;

4.Managing Related Module

- staking, slashing and mint modules using KuChain account module and asset module to replace origin auth module and bank module from cosmos;

5.API And Testing Case Support

- Improving KuChain api document;

- Optimizing and improving KuChain routing-related codes;

6.Supply Module

- Refactored supply module, replacing auth and bank modules from cosmos-sdk to KuChain account module and asset module;

- Developing new account mechanism based on account module;

7.Distribution Module

- distribution module replaced auth and bank modules from cosmos-sdk to KuChain account module and asset module;


KuChain emphasizes the core value of community first, aiming at a prosperous ecosystem jointly contributed, and the path of which will be collectively decided by the whole community. Come and join us at:

Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/2tWtHDm

English Telegram:https://t.me/KuChainOfficialEnglishCommunity

Chinese Telegram:https://t.me/KuChainOfficialChineseCommunity

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/kuchainofficial



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