KuCoin Weekly Report #1 — 2018/5/11

1, Listed Projects

1 WePower (WPR) was listed on KuCoin

Listed date: 2018/05/07

Available Trading Pairs: WPR/BTC , WPR/ETH

1.2 Aphelion (APH) was listed on KuCoin

Listed date: 2018/5/8

Available Trading Pairs: APH/BTC , APH/ETH , APH/NEO

1.3 Bread (BRD) was listed on KuCoin

Listed date: 2018/5/10

Available Trading Pairs: BRD/BTC, BRD/ETH

1.4 SIRIN LABS Token (SRN) was listed on KuCoin

Listed date: 2018/5/12

Available Trading Pairs: SRN/BTC, SRN/ETH

1.5 New Trading Pairs: ACT/USDT , HSR/USDT , TKY/USDT

Up to now, KuCoin has more than 140 coins/tokens and more than 315 trading pairs.

2, Campaigns & Promos

2.1 On Going Promotions:

USDT Trading Pairs Promotion : Total 20BTC plus $200,000 Rewards

USDT Trading Pairs Promotion

DENT Trading Competition : Total 10,000,000 DENT Rewards

DENT Trading Competition

2.2 Rewards Distribution:

SHL Airdrop for PRL Holders Has Been Distributed

Distribution of MEET And Official Clarification By KuCoin

Coming Soon:
All the rewards and airdropped tokens will be distributed within next week.
Competition Rewards Distribution: BCH, CAN, ACT, ETN
Airdropped Token Distribution: CLO, ePRX, ONT
Twitter Giveaway Rewards Distribution: IHT, KICK, TIME, CAT, CS, LYM, USDT

3, Products & Tech

3.1 Special Treatment Area For All Tokens Not Complying With KuCoin’s Quality Standards

3.2 KuCoin Re-open Referral Bonus Program

KuCoin Referral Bonus Program

3.3 KuCoin New KYC Verification System Went live

KuCoin Verification

3.4 KuCoin Android App Launched Google Play Store

Get KuCoin App on Google Play Store