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Pool-X BurningDrop World Debut, Supporting Kratos Genesis Token Distribution

Dear Pool-X & KuCoin Users,

Since the launch of Pool-X, the platform has been providing the staking and liquidity exchange services for over 50 projects and 380,000 users across the world. To satisfy the increasing demands on liquidity staking and to enrich the ecosystem of the platform, Pool-X launched BurningDrop and provided services for Kratos Genesis token (KTSt) Distribution.

From 20:00:00 on September 16, 2020 to 20:00:00 on September 24, 2020 (UTC+8), users can get KTSt via BurningDrop and improve their computing power by burning POL.

KCS Staking Round Timeline(UTC+8):

BTC/ETH/ATOM Staking Round Timeline (UTC+8):

KTSt holders can vote through the test nodes of the Kratos beta network on Pool-X to participate in its governance. For more information, please stay tuned with our latest news.

You can visit any of the following pages to participate in the genesis distribution of KTSt on Kratos testnet:

Kratos Betanet Events: https://kratos.network/kratos/events

KuCoin 3rd Anniversary:https://land.kucoin.com/newfortunestars?lang=en_Eng

Introduction of Kratos:

As KuChain’s testnet, Kratos shares the same technology and business logic and resources with KuChain. Based on the market’s real demands for high performance, low cost, information security and business flexibility, Kratos is a laboratory that encourages the verification of innovative technologies and concepts for decentralized financial services. The system token KTS is used as the fuel on chain, and the carrier to guarantee the rights and interests of the proposing, voting, validating and other governance activities on chain. Kratos beta test token KTSt will fully follow the logic of Kratos official token KTS and will not set any form of team reserve.

Welcom to join our official community for latest updates.

The Pool-X Team



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