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Pool-X Weekly Report

December 21, 2020 to December 27, 2020

Pool-X Introduction:

Pool-X is a free market for staked assets, aiming to establish an ecosystem that will solve the liquidity dilemma of staked assets. At present, Pool-X is providing services for over 300,000 users from 167 countries/regions.

Development Progress

  1. Polkadot parachain bidding: The web version of the bidding is now being tested and will be released soon. The design and development of the mobile terminal are in progress.
  2. ETH2.0 Staking: The reward distribution feature is now live!
  3. Development of the NFT Exchange is progressing well.

Soft Staking

Ongoing Event

  1. KSM-Staking is well underway, so come join us as you can also share the $10,000 prize pool!
  2. Enecuum (ENQ) Soft Staking goes live on Pool-X!
  3. ZIL-gZIL-Staking is now available! Go Stake now and enjoy triple profit!

Suggestions from the Community

This week, we have received the following suggestions from our Pool-X community:

  1. Request to offer NWC and COTI Staking on Pool-X.

From Damei: Thanks to “@CryptoEddy” and “@Andreepham5” for the suggestion. The team has reviewed your suggestion and will update and provide more projects on Pool-X with our cooperation partners. Please stay tuned!

2.Request to extend the time filter to at least six months for checking the POL mining earnings on the app.

From Damei: Thanks to “@Giants1234” for the suggestion. Due to the restrictions of the display on the app, it currently only supports the checking of POL earnings for at most one month. To check the details of POL earnings over six months, you can go to the official Pool-X website and visit “Assets” → “Assets Details”. The Pool-X team will schedule a technology assessment of your suggestion for our follow-up optimizations.

3.Request to extend the Staking period of the KSM Staking.

From Damei: Thanks to “邹积事”, “@Almiral_Akainu” and “Kelvin Ngai” for the suggestion. KSM-Staking is part of the Polkadot series. After the Staking, the team will be offering more KSM activities on Pool-X. We welcome all of you to join!

4.Request to display the distribution records of gZIL on Pool-X.

From Damei: Thanks to “@Abcrypto1” for the suggestion. The calculation of gZIL earnings differs from our other Staking products. Therefore the display of its daily distribution cannot be carried out like that of our other products. The Pool-X team will calculate this part of the earnings separately and distribute it on a monthly basis.

Welcome to our official community for latest updates.




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