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Pool-X Weekly Report

November 9, 2020 to November 15, 2020

Pool-X Introduction:

Pool-X is a free market for staked assets, aiming to establish an ecosystem that will solve the liquidity dilemma of staked assets. At present, Pool-X is providing services for over 300,000 users from 167 countries/regions.

Development Progress

  1. The page for the second round of NFT-DEGO Mining Campaign has been released.

2. The NFT withdrawal service is currently under testing.

3. The development of the NFT Exchange is well under way, so stay tuned with us.

Soft Staking

Suggestions from the Community

This week, we have received the following suggestions from our Pool-X community:

  1. Request to offer NWC Staking on Pool-X.

From Damei: Thanks to “@JojoCrypto” for the suggestion. The team has reviewed your suggestion and will update and provide more projects on Pool-X with our cooperation partners. Please stay tuned!

2. Request to offer BOLT Staking on Pool-X.

From Damei: Thanks to “Anas” for the suggesiton. The team has reviewed your suggestion and will launch more quality products based on users’ feedback, so stay tuned with us!

3. Request to start a new round of BurningDrop on Pool-X.

From Damei: Thanks to “@Jcrasher” and “@KuTrader” for the suggestion. The development of BurningDrop is well underway and will be soon released on Pool-X, so stay tuned with us!

Welcome to join our official community.




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