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Pool-X Weekly Report

February 15, 2021 to February 21, 2021

Pool-X Introduction:

is a free market for staked assets, aiming to establish an ecosystem that will solve the liquidity dilemma of staked assets. At present, Pool-X is providing services for over 380,000 users from 167 countries/regions.

Development Progress

The second round of testing the optimization of the NFT Exchange is well underway.

Soft Staking

Ongoing & Upcoming Events

  1. The ALGO Fixed Staking and Trial Fund Campaign is now live! Come join us now!
  2. QNT Flexible Staking is well underway, so take part now!
  3. The Fixed Staking of QNT and MTV will be released soon, so stay tuned!

Suggestions from the Community

This week, we have received the following suggestions from our Pool-X community:

Request to offer Stakings of MTV, ETL, DOGE, REEF, AKRO and SOUL on Pool-X.

From Damei: Thanks to “@TonyStark_19_81”, “@LazyCryptoGuy”, “@Shahilacom” and “@maxbandit159” for the suggestions to our team on Twitter. The team will roll out more staking activities on Pool-X with our cooperation partners. Please stay tuned!

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