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Vote for Governance Function Now Available on Pool-X’s Website

Dear Pool-X Users,

The vote for governance function is now available on Pool-X’s official website. KTSt holders can practice their right of Kratos betanet voting for governance through the following channels:

1. Pool-X official website

2. KuCoin App: Log into the KuCoin App, click “Staking” on the landing page, then choose “Vote” to start;

3. On-chain Channel: Participate in through its on-chain governance via the mobile gateway of the Kratos community wallet — Awake

For further information on the candidate test nodes, please visit Kratos website.

Pool-X will distribute the corresponding KTSt dividends to users’ Pool-X accounts according to the snapshot data once deposits and withdrawals are reopened.

Thank you for your support!Welcome to join our official community for latest updates.

The Pool-X Team



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