Top Left: Larry Cronin, 1970, founder of the KUCR Music Department; Top Center: Detail of music cabinet; Top Right: Courtney Wilder (former Music Dept staff/DJ and current PhD student at U. Michigan) admiring the jazz library; Center Left: One of our CD walls; Center Center: KUCR Music Office today, with Maddhi Jayagoda (Music Director/DJ/Student Manager); Juan Flores (Hip Hop Music Director/DJ/Former Student Manager), Karolyn Jaranilla (DJ, Music Dept staff); Eduardo Valencia (Asst. Manager/DJ/OneBeat Fellow/Musician); Center Right: Another CD wall; Bottom Left: Edward Chan, PhD (DJ, Music Director 1994, current Professor Kennesaw State University); Bottom Right: Bathtub of vinyl, 1967.

KUCR’s Music Library: The Best in the West

KUCR History is Good to Know

How do you create a music library from nothing to serve the needs of the thousands of student DJs who have participated at KUCR over the 50 years of its existence? You work at it. And continue working at it. Every item in the collection of over 100,000 physical titles was processed and catalogued by a UCR student. The motivation? Love of music, pure and simple. To know it completely and to be utterly immersed in it. And to contribute to a collection that was to become one of the largest, if not the largest, at any radio station on the West Coast. KUCR programming has been diverse since before UCR considered diversity to be a virtue. So what genres are represented? Many. The largest is pop/rock (incorporating artists from the ’50s through today, and sub genres, such as punk, new-wave, alternative, metal, soul, R&B, rap, hip-hop, and more). Another major collection is jazz, which has served the programming needs of generations of DJs on KUCR’s “Jazz Tuesday.” Other collections include blues, reggae, country & western, classical, electonica, world, spoken word, film soundtracks and more. Digital collections complement physical media to expand the collection to hundreds of thousands of unique titles. Keeping track of it all and maintaining the KUCR collections has been the purvue of the station’s music department, managed by a series of MDs (Music Directors) and a staff who curate as well as host their own music programs. Great college radio in general and KUCR in particular has a reputation for anticipating music trends well in advance of their popularity. It is the love of music and sharing it that makes it happen.

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