New On Kuda Business: Salary Loans and Virtual POS

Our newest updates are all about helping you accept payments anywhere and offering your staff quick salary loans.

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2 min readJun 11, 2024


So, what’s new?

Salary Loans

Sometimes, your employees might be strapped for cash and a really good way to help is giving them access to salary loans. We built Salary Loans on Kuda Business for those moments. Now, they have the option to borrow at reasonable rates without you putting any strain on your business finances.

All they need is a Kuda account, and you can choose to approve the loan. Once approved, we’ll send the money to their Kuda account, and repayment will be made through automated monthly deductions.

If you’d like to offer your employees a salary loan, fill this form and we’ll get back to you.

Virtual POS

Make scaling your business easier with Kuda Business virtual POS. You can create as many free virtual POS terminals as you need to accept payments in multiple business locations. Each virtual POS has a unique virtual account number that you can assign a salesperson. Whenever customers pay on the virtual POS terminal, your salesperson will get an instant confirmation.

If you’re looking to give your customers more convenient payment options, virtual POS terminals accept card payments, QR code payments, and direct debits from Kuda accounts. Once the payment is made, the money will show up in your Kuda Business account immediately.

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