7 Reasons Why You Should Transfer Money Through Kudi

Kudidotai (www.Kudi.ai) is a new channel for Funds Transfer and other bill payment services. Before you go ‘ugh, another banking app,’ here are some reasons why you may (I posit definitely) find Kudi.ai the best option for you to transfer your money.

Transfers are free of service charge
  1. Transfers Are Free: Yes, you read that correctly. You don’t have to lose 100 naira when you transfer money, whether you are transferring to an account of the same bank or another bank. With Kudi, you can transfer your money free of charge to any Nigerian account of your choosing.

2. You Don’t Need to Download an App: No kidding, no app necessary. To use Kudi.ai to send your money you don’t have to download an app from the playstore or IOS store. No need to clog your phone with yet another app that you may not use or waste your precious data on downloading. No, you don’t need to visit a website either. So what then? You use your existing app! Kudi.ai leverages existing platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype, Slack to make Funds Transfer possible. Right now it is currently available on Facebook Messenger, with the other platforms coming soon.

No app, transactions happen on Messenger

3. All You Do is Chat: How does it work, you ask? All you do is chat! Imagine Kudi (a finance bot designed to understand all your payment scenarios) as one of your contacts on Facebook Messenger. Oh wait, you don’t need to imagine, she really is one of them! Just search for Kudi.ai on your Facebook Messenger and you’d see her there, waiting to chat with you and help you with your transfer. No need to remember a USSD code, she understands what you mean when you say “I want to transfer money” or “Transfer 50k to Tola” or “Abeg, make una transfer 5000 to 0085519306 for me”. Yes, she really does and she will do just as you’ve requested.

4. You Put in Your Card details Once: You know how tedious it can get when you have to put in your card details every time you want to transfer money. Imagine a scenario where a beloved friend is stranded somewhere and you want to send her some cash, but first you want to dig into your pocket for your debit card and type in 16 digits and then there is the CVV, and expiry date…yeah, frustrating. Kudi takes in this details once and then pass it along to a PCI DSS certified company who helps to store these details. What this means is that you put in your card details once and also never have to worry about security, win win! No need to worry about where your debit card is when you want to transfer. As always, just ask Kudi.

No routine input of cards.

5. You Have a Kudi Contact List: It’s tiring to always look up an account number you send money to regularly. You send money to your mum monthly but you still have to fetch her account number where you wrote or saved it. That’s headache-inducing. A better approach would be to chat Kudi up and tell her “Send 100k to mum”. See how simple that is? After your first time sending money to an account number on Kudi, Kudi asks you to save the number by name, so that the next time you want to send money, it becomes easier. As easy as chatting.

With Kudi you can save account numbers with nicknames

6. No Tokens!: No need generating tokens before you can transfer money. That means you don’t have to waste time waiting for a token to drop before you transfer that money. What about security, you ask. There is a Kudi pin! To complete a transfer, Kudi asks for a four digit pin that you created on your first transaction. With Kudi, all you need is that pin. You ask, Kudi confirms, and you enter your pin, and voila, your money is transferred!

Who needs tokens when you’ve got your Kudi pin

7. Anyone Can Use Kudi: From a teenager who’s new to online payment, to a middle aged man who’s just getting acquainted with Facebook, Kudi offers the option of being simple and efficient. So simple that anyone who can chat or send an SMS can use it. Unlike apps and websites that can get complicated or difficult to navigate, Kudi provides simplicity and ease.You can check it out for yourself at https://m.me/kudidotai or you can simply search for kudi.ai on your facebook messenger.

There are many more reasons why you’ll find Kudi better than any banking app. You just try it out. We can’t wait to hear all about your experience with Kudi.