How we Slay CX and UX at Kudi — 8 tips you should try.

The Kudi team works tirelessly to slay Customer and User experience — here is how we do it.


If you need a refresher, Customer experience (CX) refers to the sum of all interactions a customer has with your business — every single interaction with your business.

User experience on the other hand refers to the experience users have with a specific product or service of yours.

This is how I like to view both:

UX and CX

The Slayers

UX is hard. CX is arguably harder. But at Kudi, here are the things we’ve found to work.

1. Keep it Simple

As your business grows, it is possible to lose track of where you started. This is the danger of growth. At kudi, even with the complexities that come with scaling a business, we try to keep the core of the business simple enough for the user to understand.

2. Know your Customers

we know our customers — well”. That’s a bold statement. While I can’t say for sure that we know everything about our customers, we are open enough to know our customers beyond “buy and sell”. Get a dedicated UX person to conduct user researches if you must. Know your customers!

3. Design is Key

I don’t believe the myth of “the super designer”, but having explored both worlds — design and development, the one thing I have learned is, “making good design is just as hard as writing good software”. It is not enough to focus on the technical side of things. Do not neglect design and the huge impact it can have on your business.

4. Move fast?

If you work(ed) for a startup, this one you probably have heard before. “Move fast!” But how fast should you move? No one knows. While you move fast, make sure you don’t fail to keep and eye on the user. They are the reason the business lives.

5. Happy Workers, Happy Customers

If you don’t breed an interesting startup culture and happy workers, why should your workers serve well? If your business requires that you address customer support directly, don’t keep an ill-tempered customer support person. Build an interesting culture, and be human while at it.

6. Rub Backs

Quid Pro Quo refers to “something for something” or “this for that” in Latin. You think you have loyal customers? Wait until some other startup comes around and kicks your butt. What’s the morale here? Scratch the backs of your customers! At kudi, we offer customers NO COST alternative to bank transfers. Not to mention the many other freebies we dish out on promotions.

7. Empathy

Empathy is at the core of a successful product. Empathy for the user. Every successful business solves a problem. Ideally, you should always put yourself in the position of your users. What frustrations do they feel? Solve this problem — and solve it even better.

8. The Big Picture

Most persons view a business as fragmented. To the customer, it is not. If you claim to render super fast and reliable services to your customers, you can’t afford to have a shitty, slow and painful website. The customer sees your website, and without trying your product (or service) they are put off.

This is the essence of customer experience. View the business in it’s entirety (as a whole) and focus on keeping the user satisfied — always.

If you read to this point, I’m certain you’ve learned a few things. Go ahead and recommend this article so a friend can see it too.


It is not easy to keep users happy at all times, but we strive to do our best. Have you tried kudi? The fast and free payment solution for Africa. If no, Start here.