Adding A Supplier In KudiGO POS

Inventory Management

KudiGO is designed to make running your business easy and seamless; this principle is applied in every aspect of the system design. Once you are done signing up and setting up your store on KudiGO, the next thing you need to do is upload your inventory (inventory refers to the products your sell).Before doing this there is a very important task you need to complete:


Before you can begin adding inventory, you first and foremost need to add suppliers to your business. A supplier is anyone who provides you with the products which you sell.This is very important for the system to keep accurate records of your business once you begin to use the system. Here are the steps to add a supplier
  1. On the KudiGO Dashboard select SUPPLIERS
  2. Select “ADD SUPPLIER”
  3. Enter in the given fields:
  • Supplier Name (this can be the name of the supplier of the business they operate)
  • Supplier Phone Number
  • Supplier Address (physical address)
  • Supplier Category (this refers to the category of products the supplier gives you. If the category is not present, please select OTHERS)

4. TAP Add Supplier to complete the process.

5. Repeat this for all your suppliers.

Here is a video demonstration of this process. If you need an agent to assist you further, please fill this form to get a callback from a customer service agent.