Adding Products In KudiGO — From KUDIGO

KudiGo is designed to make running your business, an easy and seamless process. As such we have integrated into our system, the most popular products from various industry. This enables you to select from an already existing database of products when adding items into your inventory. Here is how:


The “From KUDIGO” module allows you to select from an existing database of products when adding items to your inventory. The database of products you see is based on your industry(Eg. A pharmacy will see a list of popular pharmaceutical drugs, and a supermarket will see a list of popular consumer retail products). Below is the process to add products using the “From KudiGO” process:
  1. From the KudiGO dashboard, select products
  2. Select the +(plus) sign on the products page
  3. Select “From KudiGO” in the options given
  4. Type the first 3 letters of the product you intend to add in the search box
  5. Select your preferred product from the options given
  6. Fill in the additional details in the form given
  • Expiry Date
  • Supplier Price
  • Unit Price
  • Quantity
  • Scan Barcode
  • Select Supplier

Save the form to complete the process. Repeat this for all your products.

This concludes the process of adding products to KudiGO using the “From KudiGO” feature. Here is a video demo of the process

If you need help, kindly fill this form and a customer service agent will get in touch with you.

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