Adding Products In KudiGO — Manual Input

Inventory management is the most essential part of a retail system. Its important to keep track of product movement from suppliers to the store and to the final consumer. KudiGO enables you to do this in two different ways

Manual Input:

This method allows you to enter every single detail for each product by yourself into KudiGO. To do this here is the process to follow

  1. From the KudiGO dashboard select PRODUCTS
  2. On the Products section select the +(plus) sign
  3. Select Manual Input to begin adding your products (inventory)
  4. Fill the form with the following details:
  • Product Name(this refers to the name of the product)
  • Expiry Date(this refers to the expiry date of the product, this is required)
  • Supplier Price(this refers to the price at which you bought the product
  • Unit Price(this refers to the price at which you are selling the product)
  • Quantity(this refers to the quantity you have in stock)
  • Scan Barcode(this allows you to scan the barcode of the product for easy tracking)
  • Select Supplier(select the supplier who supplied you the product)

This concludes the process of adding inventory in kudigo using the manual input method.

You only enter individual products once and update the quantity as and when they are running low. Here is a video demo of this process.

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