#StartUpMilestone — Strategic Partnership With Interswitch Group

Its not about ideas, its about making ideas happen! #ScottBelsky — Founder Behance

When we embarked on this journey to redefine consumer retail in #Africa, we understood the need to offer a novelty innovation, which approached problem solving from a value offering perspective.

Consumer retail can never be complete without payments; however being a payment processor is a whole business on its own; this led us to look for strategic partners who share in the vision of startups and corporates collaborating to innovate and impact lives!

We found that partner in #INTERSWITCH GROUP; and today we are excited to announce a partnership which will see #KudiGO Storefront roll-out in Nigeria & Ghana via our Android Terminals to accept all forms of non-cash payments a (Card, QR, Mobile Money, EFT, NFC).

For the first-time ever in Africa, retailers can have access to a SINGLE business suite which offers an ENTERPRISE GRADE retail engine, A LEGALLY COMPLIANT accounting system & is POWERED to accept all non-cash payments via ONE SMART ANDROID TERMINAL! For us at KUDIGO, this goes to underscore our believe in focusing on your users & offering an intrinsic value which will appeal to big corporates.

This partnership excites us, our users, our partners and is definitely on course to positively disrupt and impact an entire industry, with a ripple effect on financial inclusion and transparency. Thanks to the team at INTERSWITCH for believing in startups and making this HAPPEN!