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6 Reasons To Register for Kuende’s Public Sale

Kuende’s registration process for the public sale is already well underway, and we have already raised more than $3 million! Needless to say, we are extremely excited by the progress thus far. If you want to join the Whitelist (our name for public sale registration), don’t delay! It’s the only way to participate in the public sale. And if you’re thinking about it, I wanted to provide you with 6 of the biggest reasons why you should sign up for Kuende’s Whitelist.

1. We solve a real social problem by providing meaningful interactions for members

Kuende differentiates itself from other social media platforms in that it is a hybrid social media platform. This means that we provide online interactions, as well as offline interactions. In many ways, we feel that Kuende’s online platform is merely a catalyst, a beginning, for real life relationships. While there are other social media platforms that allow for offline relationships, that is normally never the actual intent of the platform. It is mostly online (think Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and any meetings that happen because of it are purely happenstance. Meetup might provide offline interaction, but there is no real online social presence to be spoken of. And just think, this is only the beginning. Challenges provided by using Kuende Tokens are just another way to help encourage real, lasting experiences.

Be part of the change!

2. We’ve developed a product with fully functional mobile and desktop apps

Kuende isn’t the typical ICO that has no product and relies on “simulations” and “demos” to get investors. On the contrary, Kuende already has fully functional and robust desktop and mobile apps. Our team of 29, including several ex-Google developers, helps us build out what I believe to be the next big social media platform.

Furthermore, we’ve been in operation since 2016, when we unveiled our alpha apps for iOS and Android. We have had time to iterate, to innovate, and receive feedback from users to make Kuende the best app experience possible. In 2017, we released the beta builds for our mobile apps.

Kuende has already proved to be a sticky social media solution. With more than 60,000 current users and more joining everyday, we have seen people embracing the value that Kuende brings to their lives. In addition, we have more than 20,000 app downloads on the Google Play store with a nearly 5 star rating.

The blockchain helps us fuel the next stage of our user experience, and our unique value: real life interaction.

Our Desktop App
Our Android & iOS Apps

3. We have an all-star team packed with ex-Google developers, and great partners!

I strongly believe in the team and advisors behind Kuende. They are the reason why Kuende has become such a popular platform in the first place. Our team includes some of the first developers using Ruby on Rails, former Google developers, and many other senior developers with experience on mobile apps and UX.

On the advisor side, we have founders of other ICOs, Google-backed startups incubators, and more. Our advisors cover every single part of a successful company: marketing, product strategy, user experience, and more. Many of them have worked in big companies like SAP and TripAdvisor. Some of them are intimately familiar with blockchain technology and several of them are blockchain evangelists.

Our partners are also what makes Kuende so special. Certain partners, such as IPSX, will be using Kuende’s social media platform to engage and educate the blockchain community. Others will be helping combine forces to pave the way for a mass adoption of blockchain amongst the world’s population. We will all be engaging our respective communities, and help make everyone realize the benefits of this technology.

❤ Team Kuende ❤

4. We’re helping make blockchain and cryptocurrency social, fun & friendly

I don’t think that it is a stretch to say that although blockchain and crypto have made waves in the news, it is still perceived as complex by the general population. Kuende is on the front lines, turning a massive social network into one that is able to provide an intuitive, user-friendly look at cryptocurrency and how blockchains function.

We also like to think that, with our focus on younger generations, they will grow up with blockchains and see it as a technology that they can use to enhance their daily lives. Think of how boomers interacted with cell phones vs how generation Z interacts with smart phones, and you can see where we are headed. The original cell phones were big, blocky, expensive, and difficult to use. Compare it to the smartphones, which just about anyone can use without any need to read a manual.

Our goal is to help make the blockchain easy to understand and use, without the “stigma” of needing to have a tech background.

The young generation is the one that will use the blockchain capacities at its fullest

5. Kuende bridges the gap between brands and users

One of the largest controversies has been the revelations of just how “deep” Facebook’s ad targeting could be. Seeing the Cambridge Analytica debacle unfold in real time was a shock to the system of every single social media user. All we could do is watch on and discover just how little privacy we really had.

Kuende stands out from other platforms in how we will handle advertising efforts. Most importantly, they can only target users who opt in to receive advertising. We don’t believe that advertising is bad, we just think that people deserve their privacy and should only be advertised to, if they want to be!

Interest Based Targeting and Online Sales
Businesses can create advertising that appeals to the interests of users. On our product roadmap, we will support online storefronts in which businesses can sell digital items and services to users.

Sponsored Challenges
I firmly believe that the real value for businesses on the Kuende platform is the sponsored challenge system. Businesses can encourage users to visit their locations and engage in services — again, notice the emphasis on real life interaction. One of the coolest things about Pokemon Go was that there were local businesses who placed rewards so that users would come visit their shop. Kuende is no different, but we go a step further. Meals, festivals, museums, tours — nothing is out of bounds for a sponsored challenge created by a business to help drive traffic through deals and other incentives.

An example of a Sponsored Event Challenge

6. A Social Platform that Connects All Token and Blockchain Businesses

As I’ve alluded to thus far, Kuende is a platform that has a lot of blockchain based partners, and is great for businesses trying to get more reach for their products. Ultimately, Kuende can be THE social media platform for any token or blockchain business that wants to market to, engage with, and reward their community.

Our partnership with IPSX is already moving towards this model, and everyone can take part. Because of how Kuende is built, these businesses will be able to reward their user base with their respective tokens. No other social media platform, blockchain-based or otherwise, can lay claim to this powerful concept. Sure, you can have an event on Facebook, or Meetup, but where is the value there? Where is the followup? There is nothing at all from these platforms. On Kuende, you have the token rewards that keep people engaged in your brand, in your business, and also with each other. Our platform has been designed with the value of real interaction, and that is what is going to happen. None of our competitors can say the same.

Kuende is laying the foundation to become the main blockchain social integrator. I hope that all blockchain and crypto enthusiasts will enjoy the many features that will help them meet other like-minded people and stay up to date with the brands and businesses that they care about.

With AR Challenges, brands will interact with users in a more personal and engaging way

As you can tell, Kuende is really poised to hit it big! We are helping fix social and mental health issues, we have a fully functional product, a strong group of employees, advisors, and partners, a powerful vision, and an actionable business plan. There is a lot to be excited about. In the coming days we will be making even more announcements and posting more content. You can check out our social media platform at kuende.com and sign up for free.

Interested in participating in the Whitelist? Visit ico.kuende.com to register for free today! But don’t delay, this registration period lasts until October 15th. I’d hate for you to miss out!

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