How To Withdraw Your Kuende Tokens (KUE)

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5 min readMay 3, 2021


This article is addressed mainly to those that have KUE either deposited into the Kuende Apps and/or those who earned tokens by engaging with different Kuende features ✊

Before we dive into the processes behind how to withdraw KUE, there are 3 important things to mention that will, in a way, set the tone for the entire article:

1. This is a temporary solution!

Until we develop new Deposit & Withdraw Smart Contracts, given that the old (current) ones are out of sync and limited to serve all the use cases, we will be manually transferring KUE, upon request and we will also cover the gas fees for the time being (full details will follow below).

Note: we expect the new Smart Contracts to be developed, tested and deploy around the end of May - beginning of June, given that this is not our short term top priority.

2. All the requests will be rigorously verified!

With the exception of those who were part of the ICO or have deposited KUE and are already verified, users who only earned KUE and wish to withdraw, their request will be verified by 3 different set of eyes before sending any KUE!

Given that we have noticed accounts that have earned a lot of Kpoints / KUE, without much engagement, we will be looking for overall behavior and activity* or any form of temperament with the earning framework - we love and respect our loyal and active users, therefore we won’t be tolerating spammers or short term gain scammers!

* having just a few total posts in a longer period of time / suspicious usage of the daily bonus and spins / fake or no referrals / other actions that show clearly the lack of overall engagement!

Note: in case of complaints from those who will be rejected, we are happy to expose publicly the proofs and reasons behind the decision making process!

3. General withdrawal policies

  • Once the withdraw request have been validated/approved, all of the KUE amounts in your Kuende Balance will be sent:

Example 1: you have deposited 10,000 KUE and earned 1,000. After approval, we will be sending 11,000 KUE in your desired wallet.

Example 2: you have earned 2,000 KUE. After approval, we will be sending 2,000 KUE in your desired wallet.

Example 3: you have earned 5,000 KUE but you want to withdraw only 2,500. After approval, we will be sending 5,000 KUE in your desired wallet.

  • The minimum amount of KUE needed to have in your balances in order to be eligible for withdrawal, is 1,000 KUE (exceptions are those who deposited, no matter the amounts). This limit will disappear in the future, when the new Withdrawal Feature will be deployed.
  • The KUE claimed unfairly by fake accounts/spammers/deleted accounts etc., will be attributed back to the claimable KUE Pool, in the Kshop.

Ok, so now that we got that out of our way, lets see in detail the flow for withdrawing the Kuende Tokens!

How To Send A Withdrawal Request

In order to send a KUE withdrawal request, all you actually have to do is to CHAT WITH US! Simple, ha? The complicated part is that you will also have to provide us with the following:

  • full name
  • email address
  • the total amount of KUE you have deposited (in case you had)
  • the ETH address where you want to receive your KUE

That’s it! After the request, we will look into the account (as mentioned earlier) and once we have a conclusion we will follow-up .

Note: given the high number of potential requests, especially in the beginning, even if we aim to have a resolution within 24–72h, some requests/transfers might conclude within maximum 7 days!

How To Chat With Us

To reach out and chat with us, all you have to do is to go to the Kuende Team’s profile, on Kuende.

  • From the web version, once you are on the profile, click on the Send Message icon, as seen bellow:
Send a message to Kuende Team profile on our apps to submit your withdrawal request!
Send a message to Kuende Team profile on our apps to submit your withdrawal request!

Alternatively open the Chat Panel -> press on the footer/Chat With… -> type “kuendeteam” -> press Enter

Open Chat on Web, press Chat With… and type “kuendeteam”!
  • If you are using the mobile app you can also search for the Kuende Team profile and then press on the Message button, as in the screen bellow:
Search for Kuende Team, go to the profile and press on Message

If you are looking for the fastest way:

Open the Chat Screen -> press on the Kstick -> Chat With… -> type “kuendeteam” -> confirm

The fastest and safest way from the mobile app!


To avoid any form of potential scam, please pay attention to the Verified Badge!

The ability to withdraw KUE tokens has been a highly requested feature and we’ve been very appreciative of your understanding and patience. 🙏

Stay tuned for upcoming updates and announcements as there will be plenty in the near future! 📢

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