Kuende & Forbole Join Forces On A Mission To Become Blockchain Pioneers!

Pavel Antohe
Oct 29, 2018 · 4 min read

I have been waiting for this moment for a long time - Kuende & Forbole both embracing Tendermint technology and working side-by-side on becoming the social media pioneers of Cosmos Ecosystem. Two great networks as Zones in the greatest blockchain network! 🙌

Forbole is a blockchain app that aims to foster the real-life application of distributed reputation. Powered by Cosmos SDK and Tendermint, Forbole is designed to record reputation-related attributes as portable and tradable digital assets. With its proof-of-contribution (“PoC”) and governance structure, Forbole provides appropriate incentives to community members who have made contributions while keeping spam and fraud in control.

I was first introduced to Kwun Yeung, Forbole’s founder, around 6 months ago by our advisor Aurel Iancu (Cosmos Network Validator). He insisted that there are a lot of synergies between our project and that I should connect with Kwun. Oh, boy, he was right! Ever since then, Kwun and I kept on sharing ideas, technical knowledge and designed ways to develop our platforms in a way that will completely change and revolutionize the social-blockchain landscape!

The Master Plan

There are a lot of cool things that Kuende & Forbole will be developing together, and if I would go into all the details, chances are that I will end up writing a 2 hours long read 📚. Plus where is the fun in not keeping some surprises for our communities?

Cross Token Usage
There are a lot of advantages based on the fact that both our projects will be based on the same technology and will act like Zones in the Cosmos Network. One of them is how easy and flawless will be for the tokens to be used and swap between the platforms.

We want Forbole’s users to engage with their tokens in the Kuende Challenges and our users to use KUE & Kp as ways to get discounts of some of their services.

Also, their tokens will be used in the Kshop (our marketplace) as a way to purchase different goods or services from our partners. Basically any user can choose with what token(s) he want to pay for something.

Share Profiles
Kuende and Forbole share another thing in common: the gamification layer! Reputation scores and different achievements, will be something that both platforms’ users will be showcasing on their profiles.

But we decided to go a step further and to let our community to share their scores, reputation and badges on each other’s platform.

Connect With…
To help the on-boarding process for the two communities, we will implement “Connect With Kuende/Forbole” feature. This way, it will be way more easier and faster to unite our users and share different stats.

This feature will also allow Forbole users to share their content directly in the Kuende Social Feed and receive ratings or tips with the Kuende Tokens.

Knowledge Is Power

I am becoming almost obsessed with the idea that blockchain projects and their communities should work together. In this new place, we have the opportunity to develop amazing and revolutionary products, smarter and faster, if we just cooperate and share our ideas, experiences and knowledge.

Forbole Team > Kuende Team

There are a lot of things that we can learn from Forbole. Their blockchain development team is very experienced and have done a lot of research in the last year. They have already implemented parts of their product using the Tendermint technology and will soon launch their test-net.

From my calls with Kwun, I know for a fact how advanced they are in testing and working with Cosmos Network’s SDK and I can’t wait for our development teams to start collaborating and help each other out!

Kuende Team > Forbole Team

What our team has already proven is that we know how to build and, especially, how to scale a social network. We learned a lot in the last 3 years, and even more from our mistakes.

At this stage, we are proud to have a robust experienced team, which covers all the stages and areas of the product: Backend, DevOps, Frontend, Mobile, Security, and User Experience.

Given that Forbole is also building a social network, I am looking forward to brainstorm together with their team on the process of developing and designing their product.

I am really excited for this partnerships and I want to personally send a big Thank You! to the team behind Forbole for all the amazing things that they have done for the blockchain space as a whole and their contribution and support offered in the Tendermint and Cosmos communities.

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