Kuende ICO - Public Sale Structure & Details

The moment everyone has been waiting for has finally arrived - the Public Sale is about to start! 💥 💥 💥

But before you prepare your wallets and the frenzy starts, I want to fully explain how the Public Sale will be conducted: structure, dates and rules!

In order to keep this blog post light and easy to follow, I have decided to put as many visuals as possible, that will also be featured on the ICO Website as well.

1. Public Sale Structure

Bellow you can find details such as: Token Supply, its distribution and pricing, the Soft and Hard Cap, or Public Sale Period.

2. Phase 1 and Phase 2

Once the Public Sale will start (19 October, 00:01 UTC), there will be two different stages in which you can contribute.

  • Phase 1 will be exclusively open for the members that have registered to the Whitelist and got their KYC submission Approved.
  • Phase 2 will be open to everyone KYC Approved, but with a slight advantage for the ones that are registered to the Waiting List

3. Use of Funds

Having a well defined and structured business plan, alongside a clear 2 years road-map, our main goal is to make Kuende the market leader in the blockchain social networks space.

For that reason, the funds will be mainly be allocated towards two main directions: launching Kuende in new markets and further continue developing and scaling the product and the team.

We Are Here To Help!

Our entire team is ready to be active 24/7 in the next following weeks so your public sale experience will run as smoothly as possible!

For any questions, don’t hesitate to reach us on:

English Community: t.me/kuende

Korean Community: open.kakao.com/o/ga3QDX0

Turkish Community: t.me/kuende_tr

Email: ico@kuende.com

Beware of scammers that try to steal your money. As with any ICO, there are many attempts of tricking people into sending their money. They usually work by pretending to be one of the admins and sending you private messages or emails regarding discounts or bonuses.


If you want to discuss with any of the admins, click on their usernames here: 
Pavel: @Ni_kuja 
Hertz: @itshertz 
Fredi: @fredi_kuende
Rafa: @Rafa_Kuende
Felicia: @missfpm 
Bogdan: @BogdanKue 
Army: @army4mar

When you are about to send ETH from your wallet to our Smart Contract Address, please don’t rush! Take your time! Be sure you check that the Contribution Address displayed in your Dashboard contains the following first and last 5 digits: 0xb5e…………….1cD98

Keep in mind that you cannot contribute without undergoing the KYC procedure!

Chat on Telegram (English): t.me/kuende

Chat on Telegram (Turkish): t.me/kuende_tr

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