Kuende Public Sale Has Ended - What’s Next?

After more than 1 year of hard work, we are thrilled to announce that Kuende ICO is over, with 18,059 ETH raised!

We’d like to thank each and every single one that had a role in this journey:

  • Development Team, who made sure that everything starting with smart contracts, ICO Website, weekly product updates or security measures went smoothly and were always delivered on time
  • Marketing & Creative Team & Community Managers, who always found unique ways to communicate and showcase Kuende to the world, while being dynamic in keeping a balance between the Kuende Apps and the general ICO related topics
  • Kuende Users & Bounty Hunters, that managed to increase the daily usage of our platform with 300% in the last 3 months and helped us reach 100,000 users
  • Partners & Advisors, who helped, supported and joined our mission to change the social media landscape and to bring blockchain a step closer to mass-adoption
  • Last, but not least, to everyone who contributed during the Private and the Public Sale! Your trust and commitment is the reason why Kuende ICO was one of the most successful one in this year’s end, even in bear market conditions.

Kuende Token Structure After The ICO

For us, the mix between transparency and engagement with our community has always been a thing that we felt has separated us from the crowd.

In the early version of our Whitepaper, we wanted to send the unsold KUE to the Community Pool for further incentivize the Kuende Community. But after long and interesting conversations with our Telegram Channel members, we realized that 15% to the Community Pool is more than enough for early adopters and that we should burn the unsold tokens.

Time for some facts and numbers!

  • Total Tokens Generated: 3,560,000,000 KUE
  • Total Tokens Sold During The Private Sale: 822,000,000 KUE
  • Total Tokens Sold During The Public Sale: 411,984,637 KUE
  • Total Unsold Tokens: 546,015,363 KUE
    note: the unsold tokens have been burned by sending them to the 0x1 ETH Address (0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000001). You can find the transaction HERE

  • Soft Cap: 4,000 ETH
  • Hard Cap: 28,980 ETH
  • Total Funds Raised During The ICO: 18,059 ETH
  • New Total Supply: 3,013,984,637 KUE

What’s Next For Kuende?

Until now, I am proud to say that our team has managed to deliver on all the road-map promises. We want to keep it this way!

Road-map Q4, 2018

For this year’s end, we want to successfully finish the following:

  • Deposit the Kuende Tokens (KUE) in the platform
    This means that you will be able to actually Deposit & Withdraw your tokens by the end of November, and also to use them to Create and Vote (stake) Kuende Challenges.
Tokens Dashboard
KUE Transaction History
  • Challenge Framework
    We have learned a lot from our users and the way they have interacted with our internal Bounty Campaign. Based on their engagement and the type of content generated by them on Kuende during the last 3 months, we have decided to start with 3 Online Challenges.
Create Challenge Screen

Until the Challenges will have their own dedicated screen (Q1 2019), we have developed a third Feed, the Challenges Feed, where you can find only challenges in their different states (more on this will be detailed next week, once everything will go LIVE)

  • Test-net for KUE and Kp
    There are two different approaches to consider when testing new features, especially the ones that involve micro-transactions and the token internal economy:

a) to develop slow, based only on our own assumptions and test the environment in-house; scenario in which the product may appear to be more stable on the long run, but the release time will extend a lot.

b) to develop fast, make mistakes, let the users engage and test the platform, but learn and adapt; scenario in which we are able to tweak on-the-go the environment and cut from the development time.

We strongly believe that in this fast evolving technology, called the blockchain, whoever delivers first a top quality product can become a market leader! Our team is young and dynamic, so our developing plan will rely mainly on the second scenario - LET’S JUST BUILD STUFF, ENOUGH WHITEPAPERS WITH NO SUBSTANCE!

With that being said, not even 2 weeks passed from the moment our ICO ended, but we are ready to launch the Alpha version of the Challenges and also make sure that the Kuende Tokens will be used within the platform by the end of November!

During the first 3–4 months, only KUE will be on the blockchain (read more HERE). The Kuende Points (Kp) will remain the same ones that are now available in the platform, with no real value. This will help us test and tweak the following: mechanics, micro-economy, reward pool formulas and transaction fees, until they will be replaced by the real blockchain Kp.

  • Distribute the Airdrops & Bonuses
    Next week, every eligible participant in any of our Airdrop & Bounty Campaigns, will receive their Kuende Tokens. Also, we will announce the Top 5 Leaderboard and the winners that will share 15 ETH and a trip to Romania to meet the team (more details will be provided in the blog post dedicated to the Airdrop, Bounty & Bonus Distribution).

The 5% Bonus in KUE for the Public Sale participants, will be sent 3 months after the tokens are unlocked, so somewhere around the end of February, 2019.

The 5% Bonus in our partners’ tokens (SRN / BNT / CVC / STX / IPSX) will be distributed between 26-30 November.

  • Re-design the apps for the Offline Challenges and full blockchain integration
    The hardest challenge for any blockchain project is to manage to create an user interface easy to use by anyone. The learning curve for using a new product (especially a blockchain powered one) should be seamless!
    Our plan is to completely re-design by January the apps and to launch Kuende 4.0
  • Prepare to launch Kuende in Korea & Turkey
    In the last year, two powerful communities have emerged out of nowhere and have backed Kuende, not only by contributing to the Public Sale, but also by providing valuable feedback and keeping us motivated in the Telegram and Kakao Channels.

Because Korea and Turkey simply love Kuende (read more in THIS interesting analyze published by Morning Star), we want to send our appreciation by making them the main go to markets for next week! For this, before any marketing campaign will be launched, we will translate the apps in Korean and Turkish, in order to provide the best experience!

Closing Thoughts

Words can not describe the intensity and emotions that my team and I went through by doing this ICO. It literally was the roller-coaster ride of our lives!

Colored in all colors, with good and bad, ups and downs, achievements to fulfill our souls and failures to teach our minds, our First Chapter in the Blockchain Era of Kuende was an amazing experience that made us stronger, more unite, more inspired and more dedicated than ever before.

We thank everyone for bringing in their lives our child, Kuende, and we are honored to invite you to continue to contribute to its growth!

Kuende 설립을 위해 도움주신 모든분들께 감사함을 표현하며 지속적인 서포트를 보내주신점에 대해 영광스럽게 생각합니다.

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