Kuende Tech S01 E03 - Time To Go K-Shopping!

Pavel Antohe
Apr 5 · 3 min read

New delivery for the Kuenders, and you are going to love it! As we have previously stated we are building the platform’s economy in such a manner that it is not only a gamified social network, but it also simulates the feel of a fully organized society. Interesting game, right? It has just become even more interesting!

The Kshop

In the second episode of our series regarding Kuende’s development, we announced that the Kshop (our marketplace) is coming - that time has come!

You are now able to claim KUE (Kuende Tokens) for Kp (Kpoins), this being the first stage of what is to become the core of the platform’s standalone economy. This tiny snowball at the top of the hill will be your daily driver marketplace for accessing Kuende benefits, user premium content, partners’ services, digital goods and real-life experiences. You will be able to purchase all of these and many more from the Kshop in the near future and we will bring in-depth details about every type of content you will be able to access in our next episodes.

Claimable KUE Packages

There are 3 available claimable packages from which you can choose from. A limited amount of 10,000,000 KUE has been set as claimable for the most active Kuende users, so hurry up and get yours!

New Daily Bonus

At the time we first thought about a way to reward Kuenders for their activity on the platform and also lay the foundation of a real gamified social network, a “daily bonus” did seem to be the brightest idea. And it really was because it is probably the most tapped, clicked, pushed and abused button in the Kuendeverse. This is why we decided to take things a step further and redesign the way the Daily Bonus works.

A friendly, gamified and more intense approach is what we have been able to achieve. This was possible also by listening to the voice of our community which asked for a simpler and smarter way to achieve the next level. This is why the new Daily Bonus now requires you to claim it 3 days in a row to reach the next level. The higher your level is, the bigger the daily reward will get.

More engaging: when you take your Daily Bonus for 3 days in a row we offer you a Bonus Spin! Each Spin can bring you more Kp, Free Spins and also KUE!

Challenge Creation No Longer Requires KUE

Until 1st of May 2019, creating a Challenge will be FREE for everyone! After that, the creation process will require you to spend a certain amount of Kpoints (in order to prevent as much as possible spam and low quality content).

Right as the way you were already used to create a Discovery post, you will be able to save your KUE for Voting Challenges and other exciting features that will be added to the Kshop, since creating Challenges will require your Kp instead of you having to own KUE.

Until the next episode, we are ready to participate in all the Challenges you create! Be creative and Challenge the World!

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Creating real life experiences

Pavel Antohe

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Creating real life experiences