New Partnership Announcement & Kuende Token Airdrop For Civic Token Holders

We can happily announce that we formed a strategic partnership with Civic Technologies Inc., the company revolutionizing digital identity with its blockchain-based technology. The partnership brings trusted, secure identity services to social media and enables Kuende to enact stronger KYC measures while protecting against fake and sock-puppet accounts.

One of the driving values behind Kuende has always been privacy and protection of our users. We have the chance to further develop Kuende as the social platform that will help make the blockchain more user-friendly to understand and engage with.

This partnership is very important to us, because not only it helps spread the word about blockchain, but we will be able to produce content together. We will be focusing on ways to make our community discover the importance of digital privacy and only the power and benefits of blockchain.

Civic will help enable Secure Login and Reusable KYC functionality across Kuende’s social media platform, which utilizes the blockchain to reward users with tokens and points. This will ensure that users are properly protected and also go on to make the blockchain more user-friendly.

Also, I’m excited to reveal that Kuende is offering to all CIVIC Token (CVC) holders two unique opportunities:

  • I - an Airdrop of 1,000 KUE (without any Public Sale contribution needed!)
  • II - an Extra Bonus of 10% for all the CVC Token holders that contribute with at least 3 ETH in the Public sale.
  • Let’s take the Airdrop and the Extra Bonus separately and explain how each one works!

I. How to receive 1,000 KUE Airdrop

  • CVC tokens holders, MUST register to the Kuende Whitelist. You can find a step-by-step explanation tutorial for how to register here
  • After you confirmed your email and have registered to the Whitelist, you MUST complete the Kuende Airdrop Form - found here - with:
    1) the same email you have used to register to the Whitelist
    2) your Telegram username that you used to join our Telegram Group
    3) your ETH address in which you want to receive the 1,000 KUE Airdrop

NOTE: The ETH address you submit to the form must be the one in which you have ANY AMOUNT of CVC tokens until November 2nd, when the Public Sale ends.

  • On October 15th, at 23:59 UTC, the Kuende Airdrop Form will be temporary closed, until October 22th.
  • This Airdrop is available only for the first 10,000 valid entrants on the Kuende Airdrop Form.
  • The Airdrops will be distributed to all valid participants within 7 days once the Public Sale has ended.

II. How to receive 10% Extra Bonus

  • Only the contributions equal or exceeding 3 ETH are eligible for the Extra Bonus.
  • CVC Token holders, MUST register for the Kuende Whitelist and get their KYC submission approved. You can find a step-by-step explanation tutorial for how to register to the Whitelist and also how to submit your KYC procedure here.
  • When you are in the process of completing your KYC procedure, add the ETH Wallet in which you have ANY AMOUNT of CVC Tokens as well. This will be the same wallet in which you will receive your Extra Bonus.
  • After the ICO ends, Kuende will check all the addresses that contributed to the public sale that had CVC Tokens at the moment they have submitted their contribution in our Public Sale.
  • All CVC Token holders that participated to our public sale, will receive an Extra Bonus of 10% as follows:
    5% in KUE Tokens from the total contribution equal or exceeding 3 ETH.
    - 5% in CVC Tokens from the total contribution equal or exceeding 3 ETH.
  • The Extra Bonus in KUE will be vested for a period of 3 months, starting the date the Public Sale has ended.
  • The Extra Bonus in CVC Tokens will be distributed within 7 days, starting the date the Public Sale has ended.

NOTE: the official exchange rate for this Extra Bonus was set on 18 September 2018, at 9:00am UTC, provided by and is the following:
- 1 ETH = 1.886,61 CVC

Don’t forget to visit the official Airdrop & Bonus Page - found here - to read the full guidelines and rules regarding how to participate, and also to discover another HUGE Bonus surprise that no other ICO has ever done before (literally)!

Don’t forget, the Whitelisting process will be open only until 15th of October, so hurry up and grab your spot for our Public Sale!

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