Sirin Labs & Kuende - New Partnership & Airdrop For SRN Holders

Pavel Antohe
Sep 10, 2018 · 6 min read

I had to get the Kuende App on the FINNEY!

Flash forward to August 2018. I am in Tel Aviv, meeting with the SIRIN LABS team. I get to meet with their founder and CEO, Moshe, who is a great guy. Their whole team is so driven to make this succeed. In some sort of Holy Grail moment, I get to hold a FINNEY in my hand and play around with it. The phone is everything I dreamed of, it was almost a sort of spiritual experience getting to use what I had participated in nearly 9 months earlier.

Kuende and SIRIN LABS are announcing a partnership to help drive mass adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency!

How exactly will we achieve this? In three ways:

The Kuende DAPP

The FINNEY™ gives users access to a decentralized app store run by the community. Kuende is a blockchain-based social media and is designed for use on the FINNEY™. Users will be able to store Kuende Tokens (KUE) on their phone’s cold wallet, and use this KUE to create challenges on our app. It will provide a seamless transition from the DAPP to the gamified, real world experiences that Kuende is built for.

Crypto Mass Adoption

Behind the partnership is a mission to make the blockchain and cryptocurrency more easily and readily accessible to the general public. Both the Kuende DAPP and the FINNEY™ phone are designed with the user experience in mind. By providing a user-friendly way to use the blockchain, both SIRIN LABS and Kuende will be able to boost the adoption of the blockchain and cryptocurrency in the general population.

I. How to receive 1,000 KUE Airdrop

  • SRN tokens holders, MUST register to the Kuende Whitelist. You can find a step-by-step explanation tutorial for how to register here
  • After you confirmed your email and have registered to the Whitelist, you MUST complete the Kuende Airdrop Form - found here - with:
    1) the same email you have used to register to the Whitelist
    2) your Telegram username that you used to join our Telegram Group
    3) your ETH address in which you want to receive the 1,000 KUE Airdrop
  • This Airdrop is available only for the first 10,000 valid entrants on the Kuende Airdrop Form.
  • The Airdrops will be distributed to all valid participants within 7 days once the Public Sale has ended.

II. How to receive 10% Extra Bonus

  • Only the contributions equal or exceeding 3 ETH are eligible for the Extra Bonus.
  • SRN Token holders, MUST register for the Kuende Whitelist and get their KYC submission approved. You can find a step-by-step explanation tutorial for how to register to the Whitelist and also how to submit your KYC procedure here.
  • When you are in the process of completing your KYC procedure, add the ETH Wallet in which you have ANY AMOUNT of SRN Tokens as well. This will be the same wallet in which you will receive your Extra Bonus.
  • After the ICO ends, Kuende will check all the addresses that contributed to the public sale that had SRN Tokens at the moment they have submitted their contribution in our Public Sale.
  • All SRN Token holders that participated to our public sale, will receive an Extra Bonus of 10% as follows:
    5% in KUE Tokens from the total contribution equal or exceeding 3 ETH.
    - 5% in SRN Tokens from the total contribution equal or exceeding 3 ETH.
  • The Extra Bonus in KUE will be vested for a period of 3 months, starting the date the Public Sale has ended.
  • The Extra Bonus in SRN Tokens will be distributed within 7 days, starting the date the Public Sale has ended.


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Pavel Antohe

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Creating real life experiences