We Have Launched Our Bounty Campaigns!

15 ETH and more than $495.000 (in Kuende Tokens) in prizes… now that’s what I call a Bounty Campaign!

Kuende is built on the maverick belief of changing how things are done. So, it might come as no surprise that we are introducing a seriously awesome and new way of handling a bounty campaign - or should I say, campaigns?. We’re running 3 different types of campaigns where you can receive free Kuende Tokens (KUE).

The big change, though, is that we are also employing a Leaderboard where the Top 5 individuals from all our campaigns will receive ETH and KUE. Now that is some serious value. Let’s look at each of the three campaigns, how you can join, and all of the other information you need to make it to the top.

We have a campaign designed for three types of interests and personalities. We want to include your talents - that’s the Kuende way!

The Bounty Hunter

If you fancy yourself as a creative soul, then being a Bounty Hunter is perfect for you. The Bounty Hunter campaign is all about creative and displaying your love of Kuende. This is super wide open - you could create t-shirts, get a tattoo (serious bonus points if you do!), create a song, or anything else involving your talents.

You can also be a Bounty Hunter and post a Challenge! You just need to create it on the Kuende platform and spend your Kuende Points to do so. People can then engage with these challenges.

When doing the Bounty Hunter campaign, you will earn “Bounty Hunter” levels. These levels will correspond to how many KUE you will receive.

The Trend Setter

Do you find that you get a new haircut or pair of jeans, and then one week later, all your friends and coworkers are doing the same? Then the Trend Setter is the right campaign for you - and we’re sure your friends will be wanting to get in on it after you tell them!

The Trend Setter Campaign is pretty straightforward - you receive a Referral Link that you can send to your friends. For each person that signs up and becomes an active user (see rules for the definition), you will receive levels in Trend Setter Achievement that will correspond to how many KUE you will receive.

The Influencer

If you find that you have thousands of followers who smash that like button, subscribe, and share with their friends - this one’s for you! The Influencer campaign is for the social media savvy people who know how to spread their content far and wide. You can create text, photo, and video content. The content can be anything Kuende related - how it is an awesome ICO, how Kuende is the best social media platform for Generation Z, a focus on the partners, it’s all up to you.

The Top 30 from each of the categories of Text, Photo, and Video will receive an amount of KUE tokens according to their rank.

How To Join

1 - You must sign up online via desktop at kuende.com. Due to security and logistic reasons this procedure cannot be attempted on the mobile app version.

2 - On the top right, after you sign in, click on the Create button to start creating your Social Profile. After this is finished, click on the Options button.

See the options button here:

3 - Then go to Settings and open the Token tab. Here you can introduce your ETH address to which you want the KUE tokens to be sent to as part of the Bounty Campaign reward.

For More Information: Please head to ico.kuende.com/bounty to see all the rules and conditions for participating in the Bounty Campaigns.

Also you can follow the BitcoinTalk dedicated bounty thread to find out the latest discussion.

Last, but not least, don’t forget to check out the Leaderboard (click here) to see your overall progress and your position for the chance to win the Big Prize and also a trip to Romania to meet the entire Kuende team.

We know you have what it takes!

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