What MAY It Be?

Pavel Antohe
Apr 26 · 2 min read

Dear Kuenders,

It’s been a while since we last expressed our thoughts or shared any updates via our Medium page, but the time has come to get our voices back!

In the last two and a half years a lot (and I really mean A LOT!) of things have happened, caused by external factors (market crash, pandemic times, changes in our target audience behavior), but also internally (from poor management decisions, company restructuring, to pivoting the product, finding the best market fit and shaping the overall vision).

That being said, the purpose of this particular article is to say Kuende’s back! and to offer some insights on our plans for May 2021, but rest assured, in the following articles we will tackle all of the above mentioned!

Short Term Roadmap

Next month, there will be 3 main aspects that we will be focusing on:
- KUE withdrawals from the apps;
- one exchange listing;
- one partnership.

Withdraw KUE

There are 2 ways a Kuender can get KUE into their Kuende account: by depositing KUE and/or by earning KUE from engaging with different features. Because of some development issues when we first created the Deposit & Withdraw Smart Contracts, we have decided to write a new Smart Contract and to manually send KUE back to our users during the next few weeks.

Those who made deposits will receive both amounts (earned + deposited) upon request in a single transaction. For the users that just earned, we will rigorously investigate each request, given some suspicious activities that we already spotted on some accounts.

Exchange Listing

While we don’t want to jinx anything until it officially happens, the Kuende Token (KUE) will be listed on a new exchange in May! Once we have everything in place, we will give a few days notice, so that everyone can engage with the exchange’s KYC and account management procedures.

New Partnership

In the last few months, we have explored some business opportunities with different parties, for our short term plans, but also for the long term vision. This partnership will be aiming to get the most out of what we have already developed on our Web, iOS and Android apps, while focusing on engaging both the partner’s and our communities.

More details about each of the above will be found in dedicated articles!

It ain’t over ‘till the fat lady sings - thank you, stay tuned and MAY the force be with you! 🔥 🚀

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