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Amusement by Reflection : Le Musee Art Gallery by ADNA

Photo by Kultur Ekstensif

Blossom! Le Musee is a mini gallery initiated by Adna Studio, a collective group from Surabaya. Coming forth with a space to spur the art enthusiast in Surabaya, this artsy affair carries the spirit to gather and embrace the creative folks. With all the fruitful and twinkly undertones, Le Musee draws a theme of the teenage journey whereas a milestone and the imbalance stake is foregone by all of us.

Photo by Kultur Ekstensif

Our team has a chance to have a little tour in Le Musee, thanks to Thariq for having us around. A little history class, Le Musee is one of Adna Studio’s initial programs. Adna, itself is a creative collective founded by three young folks, which apparently aren’t majoring in any art discipline but have a strong passionate love toward art and that come in between. In line with it, this space is a blank canvas where people could enjoy art without being an expert for appreciating the artwork to the fullest.

Photo by Kultur Ekstensif

Strolling around every room in this gallery, Le Musee seems to be a narrative story, a diary of a teenager through their youth. For all the inslament represents a particular stage of an adolescent period, the visitors will experience the different mood and tone in each cubicle. Don’t miss the detail of every artwork displayed, it will bring you to the edge of the story.

Photo by Kultur Ekstensif

It’s always great to see the young folks create something big.Catch on their latest schedule of workshop, performance and gallery tour on their bio. Book yourself some tickets, unleash yourself and enjoy the weekend at Le Musee.

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