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Tiny Studio for Greedy Dust Fresh Brand Identity

Image by Tiny Studio — Instagram

As we slid through, we’ve been caught up by the new brand identity of @greedydust, commissioned by @tttinnyyy studio. Changing the look of it without melting the roots, Tiny Studio managed to retain the integral part of Greedy Dust as a hardcore punk record label.

Sticking with the greasy look of punk and hardcore, Tiny Studio did a custom blackletter from a previous stack and designed some new graphic application for Greedy Dust major identity. On the list, Tiny Studio explored the needs of merch designs, main lettering, postcard, name card and cd cover.

Image by Tiny Studio — Instagram

Run by Nadine Hanisya and Ratta Bill, Tiny Studio is not a new pitcher in this game. Having swooped around for a number of projects, this creative bureau has been producing some notable art & design complexion for Glyph Talk, Bedchamber and The StoreFront, for both Ratta and Nadire involved as a musician and mastermind.

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