How To: Turn on Android notifications on Kumu

“Hala! Saan ang mga notifications ko sa Kumu?”
Photo taken from Recombu.

If you, dear Android user, haven’t been receiving notifications for livestreams, or updates on new versions of the app, never fear. Do we have the How-To article for you. (Btw, we’re getting a lot of our advice from here. Thank you to the folks at OneSignal!)

There are two main reasons you may not be receiving those notifications:

1. The app is Force Stopped

When an app is in a “Force Stopped”, notifications will not be received. An app may have been forced stop in the following ways:

  • From Settings > Apps, “Force Stop” is pressed.
  • Long pressing the back button on some devices.
  • Using a 3rd party task killer like Greenify.
  • On Xiaomi devices, swiping away your app from the recent apps on list.
  • Automatically on some devices due to custom Android tweaks.

The remedy:

  • Huawei — Only Pre-EMUI 5.0 / Android 7 — Go to Settings > “Protected apps”, check your app. Full Instructions
  • Sony — Tap on the battery icon. Go to Power Management > STAMINA mode > Apps active in standby > Add your app.
  • Asus — Check your app in the ****Auto-start Manager.
  • Xiaomi — Security (App) > Permissions > Autostart — Enable your app
  • *New Xiaomi — Settings > Developer Options. Disable “memory optimization”. To enabled Developer Options go to Settings > About. Tap on MIUI 8 times. Full Instructions
  • Redmi — Same as Xiaomi
  • Oppo — Go to Settings > “Security settings” > “Data saving” and enable your app.
  • Samsung — Disable battery usage optimizations
  • OnePlus — Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Optimization > Application > Don’t Optimize

More information on problematic devices can be found in our blog post: Notifications are highly reliable, except when device manufacturers interfere

2. The app has push permissions Disabled

This may have been done automatically or you may have configured it earlier on.

The remedy:

Check the notification setting under Settings > Apps

Wow. That’s it! Easy, right? Be in the know with new versions of the app, and other Kumu updates with your new and improved notifications!