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Digitization is a reality that thrives the hopes of small and medium Businesses

Micro Small Medium Enterprises are the backbone of the Indian economy. According to the MSME Ministry’s 2019 annual report, out of 6.33 crore MSMEs in India, only 0.05 lakh are medium enterprises while 3.31 lakh are small and 6.30 crore are micro-units. Government initiatives in Ease of doing business, Atamnirbhar Bharat & Skill development initiatives are a powerful boost on medium and micro-enterprises.

Sustain, Support & expand the businesses

Sustain, Support & expand are the three powerful mantras from where Vardaan kicked off. For half of this decade, we talked about Digitization in the industrial sector. We firmly believe that if we innovate something affordable, easy to use, and suffice the requirement, India’s micro & medium segment is ready for Digitization.

“More than 75 % of MSME’s have a digital sense, they use smartphones and Internet”

How Vardaan supports the business?

The purpose of Vardaan is to allow businesses to manage their store end to end. The application’s intuitive design enables the merchants to use it for sales, accounting, and online Marketplace.

Small businesses do not need fancy and expensive software tools; however, to run a data-driven business, an intelligent and affordable tool is required. Many companies die at an early stage in India since they don’t have an affordable tool to manage the business and forecast the risk involved.

“The path to digitalization is from Digitization. Let’s digitize to bring innovation in making a smart business decision.”

The Top 5 Features of Vardaan:

  1. Vardaan- Your digital Munshi

Vardaan has many features for store management:

  • Store Item entry
  • Inventory management
  • Order creation
  • Customer interaction
  • Expenses
  • Digital payments
  • Digital marketing

The application algorithm does all the calculations related to business and reports. The real-time dashboard allows merchants to see the business in graphical form. Our customers think it is an essential and helpful feature since this gives a visual insight into the business.

2. Operate Multiple Stores with multiple staffs

What could be better than operating multiple businesses or stores from a single device? Vardaan application allows small and medium businesses to run as many businesses as possible through a single account.

All the stores will run individually, and switching between the stores will not take more than one second. The benefit is the harmonization of technology throughout the business. This will give excellent control to the merchants to overview and run the stores efficiently.

Merchants can add multiple staff with limited access to run the business.

3. Store/ Business Management

The application has been designed to support various sectors of the business. Be it a service, retails, manufacturing, and many others. At present Vardaan is being used by retailers, restaurants, food trucks, poultry shops, boutiques, construction, manufacturing, dry cleaners, photo studio, Medical shop, and many others.

The initial POC on the application gives a storing indication of the adaptability of the application across segments.

The application has all the important features that allow a business to get managed. It has:

  • Store item management
  • Inventory management
  • Order creation
  • Bahi Khata
  • Expense management
  • UPI payment option
  • Multiple invoice selection

4. Online Marketplace

Vardaan also provides Online Marketplace. You can share all your store items and products to any customer or social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook and get your business online. The offline and online store management can be done through the same application and same screen.

The application allows you to manage both offline and online business through one application and one device.

5. Data Security

Customer data security is paramount, and our technical team has given various checks and has adapted the best practice to make the system hack-proof. Merchant data is safe, secure, and available for merchants anytime.

Data is stored in the cloud with multiple layers of security hence it is prone to theft, damage, and loss.

Vardaan takes care of your data so that you can take care of your business.

Give Your business a Vardaan!

Technology has given us a way to digitize the business and took us one step closer to digitalization. We are ready to adapt to the business needs and we are ready to customize applications based on the business type.

The goal is to have one super application that suffices for the major section of the business.

Run your business on a smartphone from anywhere, anytime!

Get your very own Digital munshi now-https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vardaan.app




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