Bruce Li in The Dragon Lives (Bruce Lee)

My mother told me about Bruce Lee and some of his movies. She told me that she thought she remembered seeing him in a movie boxing a man and loosing. In the movie, she said that Bruce knew Kung Fu but did not know boxing. The first time Bruce Lee lost and went back to fight the man that could box again. When he fought him again, Bruce won. Well, I believe that my mother saw the movie that she was talking about, but I do not think it was Bruce Lee. I think it was a movie based on Bruce Lee. “The Dragon Lives” played by Bruce Li is the only movie that I have seen online that is close to the movie my mother was talking about.

“The Dragon Lives” is a movie with a strange ending and tells some truth about Bruce Lee. When I watched it, the movie was showing that Bruce Lee was strange near the end. It looked as if he had a total different personality. Bruce Li portrayed Bruce Lee as a man that was always searching and looked like death was his end in doing so. The movie tells a story about a man with some anger who wanted to be accepted. The ending of the movie showed that he was a winner, but at the same time, I felt death for him from the movie. How true the movie really is, I do not know. There are so many different versions of the Bruce Lee story, gaps in between, and things to leave you unsure that has been told. The movie leaves you to believe the Dragon never died though death surrounded him. Maybe they wanted to leave the audience with a happy ending, but at the same time, maybe they were trying to reveal that he was dead. Maybe it was the movie maker’s way of keeping Bruce Lee’s legacy alive.