Booklist review of Healing Children

The core message of Healing Children is resonating: we can and must do more for our kids.

Booklist Online recently published an independent review of Healing Children and I was so thankful to see one of my core messages reflected in the review: that as a nation, we need to do more to prioritize our children’s health.

Read the full text below:

Healing Children: A Surgeon’s Stories from the Frontiers of Pediatric Medicine.
Newman, Kurt (Author) 272 p. Viking, hardcover, $27. (9780525428831). 618.92. June 2017
Newman, president and CEO of the highly rated Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C., knows how to hook a reader. He begins by recounting how, 40 years ago, as a Duke medical student, he rubbed a spot below his Adam’s apple and felt a lump: thyroid cancer.
The experience of being cured motivated him to become a surgeon. He makes a compelling case for giving more resources to the “painfully undervalued and underfunded” field of children’s medicine in a society that prioritizes adults and end-of-life care. (The U.S. boasts nearly 5,000 hospitals for general and adult care but just 35 independent children’s hospitals.)
Newman shares tales from the operating room (not all of them happy) and tips for parents. And he touches on such hot topics as the Zika virus, maternal depression, and FDA rules that are meant protect kids but can end up denying them life-saving treatment. As the nation tries to figure out how best to spend limited health-care dollars, it’s helpful to consider Newman’s strong argument for giving kids a fair share.
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