“Purple Clouds”


3 years of waiting..

He fooled me twice, shame on me


Can’t get out of this misery

Kill the pain while its still there; Benumb immediately.

Tears will not fall if you fake it

Smile like everything's OK

Just write it down in an elegy

Picture the flowers that bloom in May

Think about happy memories

Through cigarettes and novocaine

Love can taste like electuary; The bitterness still remains

My past hovers

It’s like having nightmares every night

Forgive me thee,if you have to suffer

Letting go of him wasnt a great fight

But when you came into my life and saved my soul from melancholy,

I guess ive already moved on.

Thank you for letting me see,

How lucky I am to have thee;

My new sanctuary, you set me free

.....you set me free.

KRT_ (read as “Kurt or KRT underscore) is a polymath from NYC who is trying hard to write a masterpiece at her spare time. She makes music, art, photography and plays with computers whenever she doesn’t get caught up staring blankly at a wall. Tweet (@KRTNXTDOR) or recommend away.
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