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Visit Macedonia and Bulgaria for a Truly Extraordinary Travel Experience

Looking for Macedonia tours in Boston, Massachusetts? With its fascinating culture, intriguing history, hearty cuisine, stunning landscapes and opportunities for adventure, Europe’s Balkan region promises a holiday of a lifetime to discerning travelers. Experienced tours and travel agencies in Massachusetts have firsthand knowledge and professional expertise to help travelers enjoy an immersive and in-depth tour in this part of the world.

Discover Beautiful Macedonia

While the Balkan region has many jewels such as Croatia, Greece and Romania to name a few, Macedonia too has rewards aplenty for those who dare to venture beyond these destinations. The fabled birthplace of Alexander the Great, Macedonia has a rich treasure trove of archaeological sites dating back by over seven thousand years. Combined with natural wonders and glorious culinary traditions, a visit to Macedonia promises to be an adventure of a lifetime. Travelers can choose from a wide range of exclusive Macedonia tours including multi-activity tours, culinary tours and archaeological tours or explore this vastly underrated country as part of a larger regional tour — the possibilities are endless.

Explore Bulgaria’s Charms

Bulgaria is a charming country like no other. With Soviet, Ottoman and Orthodox Christian influences, Bulgaria is a land of fascinating contrasts guaranteed to captivate travelers who wish to go off the beaten track. Whether you want to marvel at ancient Roman outposts, explore spiritual medieval monasteries or soak up the urban charms of its capital city Sofia, there are many Bulgaria travel tours to choose from. Specialist tour operators offer a wide range of tours including classic Bulgaria tours, specific Bulgaria tours wherein you can learn the ancient art of wine making and self-drive tours where you can drive among landscapes that are as spectacular as the destinations you visit — the last option promises plenty of freedom and flexibility for those who prefer touring on their own.

Best Organized Tours

Small group tours and custom tailored tours are two of the best ways to explore a destination. The best travel agencies in Boston have passionate travel experts with personal, firsthand knowledge of countries in the Balkan region. They know the region like the back of their hands and are always ready with expert advice to help customers craft perfect, bespoke holidays that offer unforgettable experiences depending on their preferences. They take care of everything including airport transfers, transportation, payment of road taxes and entrance fees. They book accommodations in quality hotels and make sure everything goes smoothly according to plan.

Small Group Tours

There are many benefits of opting for small group Bulgarian travel tours. For one, a small group tour allows you to immerse yourself in a destination without having to jostle with crowds and if you’re visiting a UNESCO site such as Bulgaria’s Rila Monastery, it means you get to appreciate the true splendor of this mystical abode set 1,147 meters above sea level. In addition to this, you will be spending less time waiting around for hotel check-in/checkouts as well as getting in and out of transportation — instead you’ll have more time to actually explore and soak up the atmosphere of a particular destination.

If you’re ready to embark on the trip of a lifetime, contact the best travel agencies in Boston more details.

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